Masterful Mindsets ~ Lessons from Camp Jackson

“When you are here and now, sitting totally, not jumping ahead, the miracle has happened. To be in the moment is the miracle.” ~ Osho


How would your life be different if you only focused on the positive? How would your life be different if you stayed in the NOW and showed up fully in the present moment?

Action Challenge:

This past week I chaperoned my 5th grade daughter’s class on an overnight trip to Camp Jackson. It’s a beautiful place located in the mountains of Colorado that has been holding camps for almost 100 years. I was able to attend several years ago when my older daughter’s class went so I was thrilled when my youngest asked me to come along with her and her class. It’s always such a wonderful experience. When you take the time to be present and in the moment among nature, it’s amazing. Everywhere you look, you can see beautiful miracles all around.

The students are taught about survival skills, animal habitats, forest ecology and team building. They also get the opportunity to do archery, take on leadership roles and be of service. But there were a couple of camp guidelines (aka rules) that they were taught upon arriving at the camp that stuck with me the most. And I think the reason I found these life lessons most profound was because they are reminders that all of us, including adults, need almost daily. So, I wanted to share them with you today…

1. For every “put down” you must give three “put ups”. – What this basically means is that if you say something negative about yourself, another person or a situation, then you must say three positive things about it too. Can you imagine if we used this general rule in our everyday lives? How much would your outlook on life change? And how quick would any habits of negativity be replaced with a more positive and productive demeanor?

2. Be in the NOW! – The students were not allowed to ask about anything in the future. For example, “What are we going to do next?” “When are we going to eat lunch?” “What time is it?” Every time a question was asked that took them out of the “now”, they were always met with answers that would bring their focus back to the present moment. It was amazing to see how much we have become a society that is always looking for what’s next instead of fully showing up and being at peace in the present moment. The students were frustrated at first but eventually got used to it and would remind each other to stay in the now.

My challenge to you is to put the above “rules” into place in your own life. Fully commit to them this week. Be aware of what you are saying and correct every negative thought or comment with three positive ones. Be aware of how often you let your mind go to the future (or the past) instead of staying in the moment. Bring yourself back each time and be very present in the now. Then at the end of the week, let me know how it went. What did you observe about yourself? Was it hard? Did you notice any small miracles by being present? Did anything change throughout the week? – Share your comments here on the blog or on my social media pages – Facebook or Instagram

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