Coaching Services

My coaching program consists of several different options. But whether you choose private coaching or one of the other opportunities, the main goal for each of these services is to help you rediscover your authentic self and assist you with finding direction for living a life full of purpose and passion. When you can reclaim your sense of identity and get in line with living by your values and honoring your purpose, the world can open up to be a magical place for you. I am a holistic coach in the sense that I help individuals in all areas of their lives. Whether it be personal or professional, some of the areas that I can assist with include but are not limited to:

• Creating balance between work and personal life
• Finding your passion and life’s purpose
• Developing a time management system that works for you
• Creating a healthy living plan through proper diet and exercise that fits you
• Identifying your ideal life desires
• Creating attainable plans and actions to reach your goals
• Changing to a more forward focused mindset
• Managing stress
• Coping with illness or life changing disease
• Switching jobs or careers
• Going back to school
• Starting your own business
• Transitioning from stay at home parent to the world of work
• Transitioning from work to home; either to parent children or retire
• Dealing with problematic situations in professional or personal life
• Mending personal relationships
• Freeing yourself from unhealthy relationships or situations
• Developing confidence and eliminating fear
• Building faith and trust in a Higher Power

Coaching is a highly effective process that supports individuals in creating lives that are full of value and purpose. I coach my clients by providing perspective, support, and accountability as they work towards redefining themselves and achieving their goals. As a life coach, it is my passion and purpose to give unbiased, professional direction to assist you with:

• Taking inventory of your life
• Setting and prioritizing goals
• Determining what skills you can call upon to reach those goals
• Putting your plan into action

Private Coaching:

A Discovery Session is available to anyone wishing to see if the benefits of working with a life coach are right for them. Upon signing up for one of my private coaching options, clients will receive a 60 minute coaching session each week. The sessions are conducted through phone conferences, so no matter where you live or how busy you are, you can have access to the support of a life coach. In addition, e-mail contact is maintained throughout the month to keep track of the client’s successes and trials.

Private coaching sessions are available in 4 week, 12 week and 24 week options.

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Group Coaching:

Group coaching services are a great way to connect with others who are experiencing similar issues. Groups are usually conducted through a teleconference line, so clients can call in from anywhere to be a part of the group. Preregistration is required, and prices vary depending on the duration of the group. Topics and registration details for group sessions will be posted on this website, in the ezine or sent through emails.


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Seminars & Events:

Teleseminars and workshops are offered periodically. They may be conducted online, through teleconferences, webcasts or at various locations. Workshops offer empowering skills and practical tools that individuals can use to set and reach attainable goals through tried and true techniques. Topics and registration details for workshops will be posted on this website, in the ezine or through emails. Please click here to check out the Seminars & Events page to find out what’s currently available.

Monthly Membership Program:

The Choices & Changes Monthly Membership Program is a monthly membership coaching program designed to give you the tools you need to transform your life and the support to make those transformational changes a reality so that you can create the life you desire. Each month you get access to 2 fully loaded coaching calls.

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