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My Transformational Change Starter Kit is designed to help you Kickstart your Life!

Kit Includes: My Special Report – Four Key Foundational Components to Lifelong Learning and Transformational Change; A Subscription to my Ezine – Branch to Branch, loaded with tips and strategies for success; Masterful Mindsets – to shift your thoughts and actions in positive and productive ways; AND…a complimentary 30 minute Kick Start Session!

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Reality often leads us far from where we thought we would be. If you are coping with the reality that your life hasn’t been going in the direction that you had intended, you are not alone. Changing your life is not an easy task but it is possible and I’d love to help.MOPS-29 (2)

I am Michelle Weimer and I am a certified life coach, specializing in helping people redefine themselves and restore value to their lives. We all experience transition points in our lives. When at that crossroad, it is important to proceed with courage or we may never expand our futures. For years, I have helped people find direction so they could live with purpose and passion. Through this, they’ve discovered success on their terms and created the lives they desire.

Going through a transition in your life may be a frightening time for you. Whether it’s dealing with a career change, divorce, family issues, wanting to start your own business or just finally deciding to make a change in your life, the assistance of a coach can offer support and direction through this challenging season of your life.

I encourage you to get your copy of my Transformational Change Kit now and together we will rewrite your life story!


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