Power Series Bundle

The Power Series Bundle includes 3 of my hottest calls from
the Choices and Changes Program

The Power Series Bundle includes audio downloads of three content rich calls that were previously ONLY available exclusively to Choices and Changes Members. But now you can get access to these powerful calls and begin transforming your life immediately. In this bundle, you will receive:

  • The 4 P’s of Power -It takes more the just SMART goals to achieve success. Find out what the 4 P’s are that will give you POWERFUL results.
  • The Power of Focus – Focus is a powerful thing. Perhaps even more powerful then you might realize. Discover how 5 different types of focus can change your life in this call.
  • The Power to be Free – We all want to be free but sometimes we can feel very stuck and trapped. This call will reveal 4 things that can steal your freedom and tell you how to have the power to be free from them.

PLUS A Special Bonus Call:
Be the VIP of Your Life
– If you were a VIP would you have time, money, power, spotlight? It’s time to become the VIP of your life and feel great about it!

All for the very low price of $29.97

I want the Power Series!

Only $29.97