Whether it’s personal or professional resources you’re seeking to help you transform your life,
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Personal Resources

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AdvoCare offers health and wellness products that fit every lifestyle. Thousands of people just like you choose AdvoCare products because they work. World-class professional athletes endorse them; amateur athletes and weekend warriors have achieved amazing results with them. Whether you’re looking for a way to lose weight, gain energy or maintain proper nutrition, AdvoCare has what you’re looking for. Discover the Advocare products that are right for you.


momAgenda isn’t just for moms, it’s for anyone who wants to get organized and manage a balanced schedule. Their myAgenda line rocks! And if you are a mom who wants to keep it all together, then you will definitely want to click the image to the left and check out all they offer. From planners and family portfolios to organizing your children’s school papers, they have it all. (And they’ve got a great selection of free downloads – Check ‘em out!)

Simple Truths

Simple Truths is a great resource for motivational and inspirational gifts. They also offer an amazing selection of free videos that you can watch and share. Check them out today by clicking on the image to the left.


Yoga is one of the best things you can do for your mind, your body and your spirit. And Rodney Yee happens to be one of my favorite yoga “gurus”. If you don’t have a place to practice yoga, you don’t want to leave your house or you think it costs too much…whatever your excuse is, no need for that anymore. Check out the Gaiam Yoga Club!

For that matter, all Gaiam products are high quality. And they don’t just have yoga videos and equipment. They also have everything from clothes to composters, plus whatever else you need to live in a comfortable, healthy, greener environment.

Hay House

Find inspiration and wisdom from your favorite authors such as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Suze Orman and more from Hay House ~ Committed to publishing products and sponsoring events that are conducive to healing ourselves and the earth.

Hay House Children's Books

And find resources to share that same inspiration and wisdom with your children!

Spiritual Cinema Circle

With “Spiritual Cinema Circle, you get movies you can feel really good about!

Achieve! Success System

Receive the foundational tools you need to create the best direct route to your desired life with the FREE Achieve! Success System Starter Kit. In as little as 7 days, this transformational change starter kit will teach you how to create big change and achieve success with ease.

filosophy: fitbook

Write it down. Make it happen. Did you know… You lose double the amount of weight in the same amount of time just by using a food journal? Research also shows that people who write down their goals are 75% more likely to achieve them. Get Fitbook by Fitlosophy and Live Life Fit!

Amazon Prime

Whether you are looking for words of inspiration or a new song to get you moving, Amazon has it all and more. Check out these titles and while you’re there if you aren’t already a Prime Member, I highly recommend you try a 30 day free trial. I couldn’t live without my Prime account. Two day free delivery to my door…can’t beat that!


Professional Resources

Constant Contact

Super easy way to send email newsletters but it also offers so much more. If you’re looking for a resource that will make your email marketing management extremely easy, click the free trial to give Constant Contact a try.

Amazon Prime

Whether you need something as simple as colored pencils to a high quality all-in-one color printer, Amazon has it all and more. Check out the great deals on office supplies and electronics at Amazon. While you’re there if you aren’t already a Prime Member, I highly recommend you try a 30 day free trial. I couldn’t live without my Prime account. Not only does it give me two day free delivery to my door, it also gives me a place to store images and files.


Need to create a website? Hosting with Bluehost is very affordable and with Bluehost you can host as many sites as you want for the same low monthly price. Plus get unlimited emails and create your sites with easy to use set up systems.


Want a simple way to create an unlimited number of great looking landing pages? With Leadpages, you can create gorgeous, high-converting, opt-in pages, sales pages, and webinar pages for your business in minutes—no tech skills required. You can also publish your landing pages on an unlimited number of domains (including for your clients!), drive unlimited traffic to your pages, and get unlimited support when you need it most.


Make billing and sales a breeze with 1ShoppingCart. It’s an affordable and powerful shopping cart system that will have your online store or company’s billing services up and running in minutes. They offer free premium designs and great features such as customizable check out pages, renewed auto-billing, autoresponders and more.

Instant Teleseminar

Why talk to customers one at a time when you can reach dozens, hundreds, even thousands at once? Telseminars can (and should) be integrated into every company’s marketing strategy and services. I’ve used teleseminars for years to help build my business, and provide great value to my clients. I recommend every business have a conferencing system like InstantTeleseminar. It’s easy to use and they’ve provide training. So not only do you get the tool, you learn how to make it work in your business.