What if you could spend an entire day working on you – your life and your vision? Brainstorming, discovering what’s been holding you back, laying out your life’s blueprint and putting a plan into ACTION?



If you want to be on the fast track to your life’s transformation then there is no better way to find your true power then to spend a VIP with me!

I know that’s a bold statement, but it’s true. And I’ll tell you why…


If you’ve been stuck in a rut, tired of your current situation and afraid to step out of it then what you need is a full day dedicated to you! A day to focus solely on you – your needs, wants, desires and fears. That along with strategic planning, hot tips and some serious, get it done motivation…and you’ll be set to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Of course, we can certainly take the time to do that via one of my other coaching programs, which is a fantastic way to move forward. But if you really want to kick start your transformation in a huge way that will create rapid results, then the way to do that is by really getting to the core of things in a hands on, face to face, intense, exclusive, full day of one on one coaching and mentoring with me.

vip_womanthinkingHere’s what will happen in a VIP day: YOU’LL Discover…

  • What you really want – Get a clear vision of your ideal life.
  • What’s most important to you – What and who you value most.
  • What success means to you – Define success for yourself.

You’ll also:

  • Uncover your purpose and determine if you’re ready to live it.
  • Get real about the behaviors that have been sabotaging your success.
  • Call out the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from your desired outcomes and success.
  • Identify time stealers and get solutions that will eliminate them so you can be more productive.
  • Identify your “whys” and what you want for yourself, your family, your business, your finances… your life.

VIP Resorts

The Broadmoor, located near the southern edge of the Rockies, is one of many incredible settings you’ll have to choose from for your VIP day. This historic resort opened in 1918 and is the longest-running consecutive winner of both the AAA Five-Diamond and Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star awards. The Broadmoor is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Its picturesque mountain backdrop, 300 days of sunshine and impeccable grounds leave you in awe.

But whether you choose the Broadmoor or one of the other fine resort options for your VIP Day, you can rest assured you will experience an escape from the ordinary into an experience of luxury.

Our day together will include lunch at one of the restaurants on the resort property and a walk around the grounds to explore the beauty and have time to meditate on all we will be covering. It is recommended that you plan to stay the night before and the night of your VIP Day.

VIP Testimonial

Thank YOU!!!

My VIP Day with Michelle, was amazing and just what I needed to position and leverage my company, Biz Gone Social, for growth in both clients and revenue in the upcoming year. In spending a day with Michelle, it was amazing all we got accomplished by focusing in on my business. We looked at every aspect of my business. We saw what was working and what was not. She was able to help me create a strategy to achieve my business revenue goals for the coming year. We spent some time fine-tuning my companies mission and vision in which was really needed. We also created a marketing strategy.

What I loved most about our day together is how Michelle came prepared before hand and researched everything we were going to work on and together we created a strategy that would be both easy and effective so I would be able to implement the plan. Life is so busy for me so this day was a day where Michelle was able to help me look at my business in a different way and keep me focused and on task so I could get crystal clear on my business direction. I really feel like I made a major shift in the way I think in business. Hands down this was the best day ever and it will be a yearly routine.

*Travel to all VIP Day resort options are convenient and easy. Most are located only 15 minutes from the Colorado Springs Airport (COS), which is serviced by several major airlines, with non-stop flights available through most U.S. cities. Or you may choose Denver International Airport (DEN), which is approximately 90 minutes from all resort options and is one of the world’s largest airports, providing nonstop daily service to more than 126 domestic and international destinations.

If you are ready to transform your life…so that you can find your true power, become your best true you and live the life you desire…then become the VIP of your life by starting with this one day.
A VIP day is the best investment you can make in yourself! Whether you are ready to grow your business, have healthier relationships in your life or are just ready to overcome the negative feelings that have been holding you hostage from living your best life – making an investment in yourself is not selfish – it is essential – because when you heal yourself, you can heal the world…

Here’s what your VIP Experience will look like:

  • We’ll start with a Pre-VIP day Call – The week prior to our in person session, we will spend an hour on the phone talking about what you can expect and begin to lay the foundation for what you will want to come prepared to experience. We’ll also discuss your major concerns and your goals for the next 30, 90, 365 -days.
  • I would suggest you arrive in Colorado the day before we meet because we will meet early on the morning of your transformational day.
  • vip_yogaWe’ll have coffee or tea among the beautiful mountain background and begin our day with a warm up walk and some simple yoga stretches.
  • We’ll spend the first half of the day getting some clarity on what you want and what’s been holding you back from achieving it.
  • Then I’ll treat you to lunch at one of the many restaurants located right on the grounds of the resorts. After lunch, we’ll go for another short walk to regenerate our energy so that we can spend the afternoon creating the plan and action steps necessary to implement your transformation and get you started on your way to creating the life you desire.
  • We’ll end our day with you having a complete blueprint lined out for you to go forward and begin your transformation.
  • Then, we’ll check back in with another 60 minute phone meeting after the first week that you return to see how you’ve been able to implement your plan and get a handle on any old fears or patterns that have crept up.
  • Upon completing your VIP day, you will continue to have support from me via unlimited email access for the following 30 days so that you can be sure your plan is in place and going strong to ensure your success.

vip_planningIt is my intent to arm you with all the tools you need to make a successful transformation – no matter what part of your life you are wanting to transform.

This is only for those who are serious about transforming their lives. If you are ready to quit wishing for the life you desire and actually create it, then consider applying for a VIP day with me. Don’t put it off any longer, contact me today to find out more…

***A second day can also be arranged if you feel you would like two VIP days. Or if you are interested in having me fly in for a VIP day with you at your location, pricing is available upon request.

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