Masterful Mindsets – Beauty from the Inside Out

“To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.”  ~Ellen Degeneres

Question: Are you letting the beauty in your soul shine through? Do you let people see the real you? Or do you hide behind a facade? What will it take for you to know, accept and love who you are enough to share it with the world?   

Action Challenge: 

I recently shared a post on my personal Facebook Page (be on the lookout, I’ll share it on my FB Biz Page this week) about a 60 year old swimsuit model. I found her so inspiring because she was changing the standard definition of beauty by who she was showing up as – not necessarily by how she looked physically but by her inner radiance. It was obvious that she was comfortable in her own skin and that’s not easy to do… especially with the inner critic always chattering in your head.  Reminding you of all the ways you aren’t good enough – repeating the self limiting beliefs that you learned early on in your life and have continued to believe.

Regardless of how you look on the outside – it’s who you are on the inside that truly determines your beauty. But here’s the kicker – Who you believe yourself to be is who you will be. Which is why it is so very important to see your inner beauty, be comfortable in your own skin and let it shine out to the world.  People will see you as you see yourself. So what message do you want to send to the world about who you are? You better be sending yourself that same message.

I know that for me, when I am feeling confident, comfortable and kind, my light shines the brightest. I can walk in to a room and light it up. But when I am feeling “less than” or not good enough, I tend to fade into the woodwork and the black cloud that follows, shows through on the outside too.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that looking good physically can be a huge boost to anyone’s ego. I like to “look good” too. I want to be fit and healthy. I wear makeup. I love a great pair of jeans and a cute t-shirt. But, what’s on the outside is not what makes me feel the most beautiful. It’s how I feel on the inside about myself that makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. It’s what’s deep in my heart that makes me who I am – a beautiful soul. Just like you! And guess what, when you can see your soul’s own inner beauty and you let that inner beauty shine through to the world, that is when you are probably the most beautiful on the outside anyway.

My Action Challenge for You: Take a deep look at your inner self. What do you see? Write it down. Then ask at least 5 people how they see you. If you’re not happy with how you “look” to yourself or others then decide what you will change. It’s time for a makeover… What limiting beliefs about yourself do you need to change? What would you like people to see in you? Remember, what you are on the inside will always reveal itself. Beauty that is only skin deep will eventually loose it’s luster. But true inner beauty will shine forever.

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