Masterful Mindsets – Change the World with Love

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” ~ Mother Teresa 


Do you want to do your part to change the world? How do you express love and compassion? Do you lead by example?

Action Challenge:

Our world is in desperate need of love and compassion. Over the last several months, I’ve repeatedly spoken with clients who are feeling a great need to do something to heal the current state of our world. And while I have to agree, our world is in dire need of healing, I also think that we get so focused on what’s happening outside that we forget to look inside.

Of course, it is important to do our best to be active parts of our community and support others with love and compassion. But when I saw today’s quote, it actually lit me up because it’s something I’ve been talking to clients about. Many of the women I work with already suffer from “Superwomen Syndrome” – trying to keep up with their families and full careers or run their own businesses, so although they want to be out changing the world, they feel overwhelmed with their own lives. And often find themselves doing too much and sacrificing themselves in the process. Seeing today’s quote was like a nod from the Universe to me because I recently told a group of women I was working with, “If you want to change the world, start with your family. You might not be able to change the whole world and thinking you must can feel tremendously overwhelming. However, what you can do is start with teaching your children how to have love and compassion for themselves and others. Teach them to be kind, caring citizens, teach them to be non-judgmental and to love unconditionally. In doing that, you create a ripple effect. And in doing that, you begin to do your part to heal the world.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that getting involved in your community (or beyond) to be of service is not needed. But start at home. And perhaps even more importantly, start with the core of where love must come from. And that is the love of self. Because being kind, caring, non-judgmental and loving yourself unconditionally is the key to filling your own heart so you can give abundantly with the overflow you feel. But when you don’t have love and compassion for yourself, you will never be completely able to be of full service to the world.

My challenge for you is to change the world by beginning with loving yourself and your family. Last week I asked you what love is to you. This week I want you to take action each and every day to express love through acts of kindness and compassion. Make a commitment to love yourself and your family unconditionally. Teach those around you by your example.

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