Do you “Hart Your Life”?

“Do what you love and love who you are.” ~ Michelle Weimer

A few months ago, I came across a man by the name of Brian Johnson. He describes himself as “a lover of wisdom (aka a “Philosopher”) and a passionate student of life who’s committed to inspiring and empowering millions of people to live their greatest lives as he studies, embodies and shares the universal truths of optimal living. He harts his job.” And the thing that struck me about Brian is how truly passionate he is about what he does. Not only does he love his job but my guess is, he loves his life. He loves who he is.

So I ask you this, do you love what you do? Do you love your life and who you are? If the answer isn’t as Suzanne Evans would say, a “Hell Yes!” Then I would ask you… why not?

What is it that you must change so that you can have the same kind of love and passion for your life as people like Brian Johnson have? And most importantly, what are you waiting for? Of course we all have those excuses as to why we can’t live the life we want, but they truly are excuses. Yes I know right now you’re saying, “but I have to pay the bills, I have to keep my job security, I have to, have to, have to…”

But what if you changed your way of thinking? What if you started living from a place of want to rather than have to? Like for example, “I want to be happy!” How would your life be different?  Would you hart your job? More importantly, would you hart your life?

And don’t worry, you’re not alone. I can remember asking God for the answer to a dilemma I was having regarding some work I was doing. I loved the people I was working with but deep in my heart, I didn’t love the work. I kept asking God to help me love it, make it work out, make it easier, better, more profitable, etc. You can fill in the blanks with a number of things here. But the answer kept coming to me that what I really wanted was to let it go and get back to what I was most passionate about – which is helping my clients live their optimal life.

I was full of excuses (disguised as “reasons” of course) – needed the money, the opportunity for growth it gave me, the opportunity to meet more people in my industry, the opportunity to learn from the master, etc. What if I let go and we grew really big? I’d miss it. What if I couldn’t make my own business grow? What if I couldn’t make enough money on my own? Blah, blah, blah.

But yet the other things (the really important things) kept coming up – No time with my family, Didn’t really love what I was doing, Stressed, Miserable, Unhappy, Exhausted…

Finally after many months of struggling and repeatedly asking God to fix it… the message became so loud and clear to me that I could no longer ignore it. It was time to let go of the constant in my hand and take the leap of faith back into my heart’s desire.

I did and immediately I felt relief. Slept like a baby for the first time in months. And have continued to thrive every since.

So I will ask you again….

Do you love what you do? Do you love who you are? If not, then what excuses are you using to keep you there, safe in what you know.

It’s time to listen to the voice within that has been calling out to you. What does it say? What are you good at? What do you love? Who are you and what are you meant to do/be on this earth? What’s the first step you can take towards living “that” life?

My challenge for you… Meditate on it – ask others their thoughts – find out – and go for it! No more excuses. It’s time to hart your life! 🙂

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