Masterful Mindsets – Falling or Flying

“To fly we must first accept the possibility of falling.”   ~ Richard Paul Evans


Do you find yourself plunging into dark negativity every time you face a decision or challenge? Do you go down the rabbit hole of “What ifs?” What if it doesn’t work out? What if I’m not enough? What if I fall? What if I fail? Awe, but what if you knew that despite those what ifs, everything would eventually be okay? What if you focused on the positive possibilities? What if you take a leap of faith? What if you succeed? What if you really fly? What if…

Action Challenge:

I just got back from an amazing VIP Day with a client. I love doing VIP Days! They are such a transformative experience for the clients who do them. Every VIP Day is a little different because I always customize it to the client and their desired goals. So this day, in particular, was all about creating a rockin’ business plan (a.k.a. Lifestyle Plan) for my client so she could really soar to new heights in her business next year. It’s been so fun to see her growth. When we first started working together, she didn’t even have a business yet. And now, she’s seeing her income double every year. Pretty impressive really… and I’m honored that I’ve been a part of her growth.

So anyway, as we were laying out her plan, we hit a point where she, like everyone, had the fear thought, “What if this doesn’t work?” My answer, “So what? What if it doesn’t work?” Now let me pause here and say that when we first started working together, this thought would have consumed her. But instead, we talked about the negative “what ifs” for a bit and then just as quickly as it came into her mind, it was gone, because on the other side of “What if it doesn’t work?” is “What if it does?” And most importantly, what goes with that awareness, is the realization that either way, things will work out. Sure you may have to fix or tweak your plans. You may fall – that is always a possibility when you step out to take a leap. But you may also fly. And when you accept the possibility that either might happen but, either way, you’ll be okay… then you free yourself to really soar. Because that fear of falling is no longer holding you down.

My challenge to you is to do what I call the “What If” Exercise. I use it with clients all the time when they get into worry and fear. Take any situation or decision you’re currently facing and start to write out the what ifs… go ahead and let your fear mind run wild – keep asking what if and answering it. Then ask what if for that answer. Until you get to the bottom and can’t possibly add another. What almost always happens, is at the bottom, you realize that everything will eventually be okay. After that, the fear loses its power. At that point, you can reverse the what ifs. Take the same situation and change your what ifs to positives. Let your imagination run wild again. Dream and imagine the possibilities. Once you realize that no matter what; you’re still going to be okay at the end – then you will be ready to soar to new heights too. Because you will know that yes, there is a possibility that you could fall but if you do, you’ll be okay. And then again, what if you actually fly?

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