Masterful Mindsets ~ Life’s Short Make Time For Fun!

“If there’s even a slight chance of getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life’s too short and happiness is too rare.” ~ A.R. Lucas


When was the last time you put away your worries and just had fun? How often do you schedule fun activities into your life? Do you wait until a project is finished before you give yourself permission to relax? Or do you take breaks along the way? What will you regret more at the end of life… what you didn’t get accomplished or the time you didn’t spend creating happy memories with those you love?

Action Challenge:

The “Dog Days of Summer” are almost over (according to the Farmer’s Almanac, usually July 3rd – Aug 11th) and as they come to an end, it is a looming reminder to me that time sure flies!

It seems like just yesterday, the school year was ending but as I looked at my calendar recently, I realized that summer vacation is practically over. My husband will be going back to work soon and both of my daughters will be embarking on a new chapter in their lives – my oldest will begin her first year of high school and my youngest, her first year of middle school. (The thought of them growing up makes me want to cry, it’s so bittersweet; but that of course, is a blog entry for another time.)

As for today… I simply want to encourage you to have some fun! Recently I wrote about how important it is to include laughter in your life. But what about just relaxing and having some fun? No agenda, no to-do lists, no stress – only a plan to have some fun. It’s not only important to take time out and enjoy life because it truly does go by so fast but it’s also necessary because it will undoubtedly improve your productivity and success rate in the long run.

It’s easy to keep pushing, thinking that if you could just get this or that finished, then you can relax and enjoy. But the truth is, this practice can easily burn you out and actually keep you from ever reaching your goals. If you’d take some time to renew, you’d be a lot more productive. And what are you working for anyway? If not to enjoy life a little! (or a lot)

You don’t have to wait for time to rest and renew till you’ve reached every goal or marked everything off your to-do list. And you certainly don’t want to wait until it’s too late to enjoy life and have some fun…

If you are feeling burnt out and resentful of all you have to do or if you are feeling like life is passing you by, then it’s a sure sign that it’s time to plan some fun NOW. Yes, that’s right…

My action challenge to you this week is to have some fun and create some happy memories! Play, relax, be present and enjoy quality time with the ones you love.

Now I’m not saying that you should just goof off all the time. But adding in regular playtime and fun can not only boost your mood but also your productivity and success.

Take some time and enjoy what’s left of your summer. If you’ve been working hard, trying to catch up on all those little things that you’ve been putting off, or just plain overcommitted – it’s time to take a break! There will always be something to do!

Let’s face it, time flies whether you’re having fun or not. So, you’ve got to make time for fun. Relax and renew so you can create happiness along your life’s journey. And let me tell you, I realized a long time ago that if you don’t add fun into your schedule or put playing on your to-do list, you just might not ever get it done. It’s all too easy to let the routines of life hold you captive without making time for fun. So that’s why this week’s action challenge is so important.

Commit to having some fun! Schedule time, make a plan and enjoy your life!

***I want to hear from you… How will you add fun into your life?