Masterful Mindsets ~ Why I didn’t write…

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.  ~Matthew 5:4


Have you ever felt so emotionally and/or physically drained you just couldn’t function? Did you push through or did you take time for self-care? Did you listen to your head or did you listen to your heart?

Action Challenge: 

This week’s message is a bit different then my usual Masterful Mindset. I don’t have an action challenge for you but rather, I want to share with you why I didn’t write last week…

Last week was the first time I’ve missed sending out a Masterful Mindset email in almost three years. I have faithfully and consistently written each and every week, sharing thoughts, tips and tools about the week’s topic in order to hopefully help you and all my community gain valuable information that can be used to change, grow and create a life you desire.

But last week… I realized that it was necessary to just take care of me. I know you’ve read my posts about how important self-care is. And I know you’ve heard me say that sometimes you have to say no to something in order to say yes to something else. Last week, I had to say no to work and yes to myself and my family. I needed to take care of me.

Why? Because on December 1st, I said good-bye to my dad for the last time. He passed away on November 25th and I’ll be honest, the week that followed (and really the week before) life was a bit of a blur to me. A blur of memories and emotions. I was physically and mentally exhausted. (I still kind of am.)

I will confess, in my true nature (which I get from my dad) as somewhat of a workaholic, I had my moments of saying, “I should be working, writing, etc.” but then I caught it. The “should” was not the reason to write or work. What I really wanted to do was to cry. I knew that I needed to listen to my broken heart and just give myself permission to cry, rest and be. So, that’s what I did.

I did what I often tell my clients to do: Let the emotions flow through. Acknowledge them. And honor them. Give yourself permission to acknowledge and honor your needs.

Besides, I knew I couldn’t be fully present for my clients in the way they deserved. Remember, if you don’t care for yourself, you can’t care for others near as well. Trying to give from a completely depleted and empty cup, gives nothing good.

So, I hope you’ll forgive my absence last week. But more importantly, I hope you’ll hear my words and use my example… If you are feeling emotionally or physically exhausted this holiday season (or any time really) know that it’s okay to feel, it’s okay to rest and it’s okay to say no. Because when you honor your emotions and your needs, it allows you the space to heal. It makes you better able to show up for the one’s who matter most. And it is essential to living a peaceful life.

Of course, I still have an emptiness in my heart that will no doubt be there a long time. (Maybe forever…) But by giving myself permission to grieve and rest, I do believe I’ll find peace and strength to get back to my happy life much quicker.

Next week I’ll be sharing some practical tips on how to handle stress and strong emotions during the holidays. Until then… please know that if you are struggling this holiday season, you are not alone. Help is always available.

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