Masterful Mindsets – Journey to Love

“Your life is a journey of learning to love yourself first and then extending that love to others in every encounter.”  ~Oprah

Question: Where are you on your journey to loving yourself? Do you often take detours into dark corners of judgement or hate? Do you find yourself trudging through criticism as you drag along the feeling of “not enough”? Or do you walk the path of unconditionally love with respect and belief in yourself as your companion?

Action Challenge: 

Loving yourself plays an important part in how you show up in the world. Once you love and respect yourself, you can give to others from a heart full of love and respect. But if you don’t have enough love and respect for yourself, then you may find you give what little you do have to others with no regard for yourself. This is what I call “sacrificing yourself for the sake of others”. Never caring for yourself or making yourself a priority is a sure sign that you need to work on loving yourself more. And of course, if your heart is empty, bitter or filled with hate, then you will project that out to others until you can find a way to allow love to blossom from within for yourself.

Your challenge this week… Take some time to reflect on what you love about yourself and where you are on your journey of self love. Then do something to show a little love to yourself and to others. It’s time to heal and love… first yourself and then the world.

***I want to hear from you… How do you express love to yourself and others?

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