Masterful Mindsets ~ Make Your Life’s Purpose Your Life’s Work

“Choose to look for the path to your purpose. When you do, the way shows up.”  ~ Michelle Weimer


Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Are you living it? Do you feel trapped and unable to be free from the path you’re on? Are you ready to create a new path that will take you to your desired life where you can make your life’s purpose your life’s work?

Action Challenge: 

Last week I gave you several questions to ponder in order to help you identify your life’s purpose.

So this week, as promised, I want to guide you through the process of how you can actually LIVE your life’s purpose and even make your life’s purpose, your life’s work.

The simple solution and really the first step, is to CHOOSE IT!

Now I realize it’s not always that easy… You likely have financial obligations or other roadblocks that have you feeling like you are stuck right where you are. But the truth is, saying there’s nothing you can do about it is mostly because you are afraid to take action.

You don’t have to settle for where you are. You can create something you really love, not just whatever is good enough. No more settling! It’s time to let the fire that’s burning in your heart run free. The desire was put in your heart for a reason. And if it keeps speaking to you… It’s time to listen!

I meet people all the time who are in a job they hate or a bad situation. And they feel trapped without a choice to get out of their current situation. So I want you to hear this loud and clear – you have a choice and by choosing to stay where you are – you are making a choice. (More to come on this another day.)

For now… decide if you are ready to commit to living your life’s purpose. Choose it! Then you can begin to create and implement the plan to make that dream a reality. It’s like looking at two paths. If you continue to stare at the one that takes you down your current path, you will never see the way to the new path you want to take. But when you choose to look at the new path, then you can begin to find the way to walk it.

My challenge for you once you’ve decided to choose to start living your life’s purpose, is to begin by looking for ways you can allow the things you love doing to be incorporated into your daily life. Maybe you love designing clothes but you can’t leave your current job to start your own design business just yet. That’s okay, don’t stay stuck on what you can’t do. Look for ways you can incorporate your desire to design into your daily life. Get a sketch book and start drawing. Make a few pieces and get a booth at a craft fair to sell them. Make gifts for friends. You get the idea.

Now here’s where the big plan comes into play – Identify your biggest blocks and begin to create a plan to work through them. Again, rather than believing you can’t leave a current situation to follow your dreams… allow yourself to think about how you can make it a reality. What would have to happen? For most people, it’s often financial obligations that hold them back from taking that leap. Maybe you need to get out of debt first. Good – Make a plan to do it. Get a financial advisor and let them help you. Or maybe you’re overcome by fear and a belief that you just can’t do it. Get a coach to help you work through the fear and limiting beliefs. Maybe you don’t think you have the knowledge, so identify your weakest area and take a course to start learning. There is ALWAYS a solution to whatever is holding you back!

Identifying what’s holding you back is the first step of awareness needed. But awareness is only useful if you take action from there. So once you’ve identified what is holding you back, made the plan, then begin taking actions.

The Achieve! Success System can help you with this part of the plan. No matter what your goals are, if you put this system into place, it will help you achieve that dream to make your life’s purpose your life’s work. It’s a great DIY version of coaching yourself through the creation and implementation of your plan so you can achieve success. You can get it here: Achieve! Success System

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