Masterful Mindsets – Listen For Your Truth

Listen to the voice within. It is your truth and your truth will free you.”  ~Michelle Weimer


How often do you find yourself struggling with a dilemma that keeps you awake at night? What big question in your life are you seeking the answer to? Once asked, do you take the time to quiet the chatter of fear long enough to really listen for the answer? Do you trust your truth? And do you act on it?

Action Challenge: 

You know how children will ask you something and when they don’t get the answer they are wanting… they will just keep asking? Hoping that the answer will change.

Well, let’s face it – we still do that as adults. Only the dialog takes place within ourselves as much or more often than with another person. I caught myself doing it recently. I had been pondering a question within myself and every time I’d ask, I was hoping for a different answer. But the answer remained the same. And eventually, I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. It was demanded my attention.

Want to know what the answer was? It was my truth!

And it was coming up from deep within my soul – at first whispering the answer, then getting louder and louder, until I could not ignore it any more. It was speaking loud and clear. And so, I listened…I finally listened and what I heard was what I knew deep down was my truth and what I really wanted. When I took the “ear muffs” of fear off that were keeping me from hearing…I knew.

You see the self chatter of fear had been rambling on so loudly, I hadn’t been able to really listen to my heart. But when I did… I knew without a doubt that the voice that had been whispering all along, was right. I knew it was time to take action on what it had been telling me was the answer, my truth.

And I did take action! That was the first night I slept through the night without worry, stress or anxiety in weeks. I knew then that the calm that had come was a result of doing the right thing for me. It was the result of finally listening to the answer that had been speaking to me deep down in my soul for months. It was the result of knowing my truth and finally taking action on it.

How often does this happen to you? You are struggling with a situation that literally consumes you. You lose sleep at night over it – tossing and turning over the possible answers. You keep asking yourself or your higher power to give you the answer to how to “fix” it. And of course, the answer keeps coming to you but because it isn’t what you thought it would be or it’s not what you want it to be because it doesn’t seem easy or simple, you ignore it and ask again for the answer. All the while not able to hear the true answer because of all the chatter that fear is doing.

My challenge for you is this – Ask that question one more time. You know, the one that you keep asking for the answer to in your life. But this time, quiet the chatter of fear and really listen. The answer is there…however deep down or quiet it might be. If you ask and listen, the truth – your truth – will speak to you. And if you have the courage to step into it and take action, it will move you in a bigger way then you’ve ever experienced before. It will change your life!

I can’t express enough how important it is to listen to the voice within. The answers are there if you will just be still and quiet your inner “chatter” (aka – fear) long enough to listen. Then trust in your truth – honor your truth and take action on your truth.

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