Masterful Mindsets – No More Living A Lie

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” ~ Gloria Steinem


Have you ever found yourself living a lie? Not wanting to face reality? Are you ready to reveal the truth? Are you ready to become your best true you?

Action Challenge: 

Let’s face it, people lie…  it’s not unusual. The funny thing is, most people lie to themselves as much as they lie to anyone else. Some lies are bigger than others. And some truths hurt more. Lying is exhausting… and living a lie, well – that’ll eventually kill you. Maybe not physically, although in some cases it might. But it can kill your hopes, your dreams and your passion for life.

However, once you are ready to take that big leap and decide that you will not live a lie any longer… it will truly set you free!

What lies are you living? Maybe it’s that your finances aren’t what you wish they were but yet you’re living out of your means so you can keep up the facade that you’re doing okay. Maybe you know that the relationship you’re in is bad for you but you stay anyway because deep down you don’t believe you will ever find true love. Maybe you tell others you can quit anytime you want but the pain of addiction haunts you daily. Maybe your business is struggling but you don’t want to admit you need to change your methods. Maybe you just keep telling yourself that next week will be the week you start exercising but then ‘something’ always comes up. Maybe you tell yourself that you could change…if you really wanted to. But yet you don’t…ever.

Whatever the case, whatever lies you are living… it’s time to be honest with yourself. It’s time to come clean. It might really suck to admit that you aren’t where you want to be. And it might even piss you off that you’ve worked so hard or followed a certain path only to find that it has lead you down a dead end street. But…the longer you live in denial, the longer you stay there staring at the wall and wishing your situation would change, the longer it will take to break free from the lie and truly start living. I am here to tell you LIFE WILL NOT CHANGE UNLESS YOU DO! And you will not change until you get honest with yourself. Break free from the lies you are living – even those small ones. Once you get truly honest with where you are, then you can begin to formulate a plan for true change. That not only means being honest about your current situation but about how you self sabotage yourself with excuses and lies when it comes time to take true action. It means being honest about the fact that you might need help to get out of any negative situations you are in. But there’s something freeing about admitting you need help. The truth really will set you free.

My challenge to you is to let go of the lies you are living. It’s time to stop telling others you are fine when inside you are struggling. Take a good honest look at where you are in your life and where you would like to be. If that seems difficult to do and you are ready to be honest about needing help, then get support from someone objective with no attachment to your current situation or outcome. Which doesn’t mean going to a friend who’ll tell you what you want to hear… it means you must find someone who will help you see the truth of your situation and be honest with you.  A coach is a great resource and I would be honored to help you!

So, do it today… No more saying, I’ll do it tomorrow then not keeping your word to yourself. Even that is a lie. Be honest and take action towards doing what you must to start living in truth. No more lying to yourself. No more being fake or phony. Be free and be your best true you.

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