As October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) comes to an end, I thought I’d share an unconventional yet fun way to remember to get a mammogram and take care of your “girls”. This video made me giggle but at the same time, I felt compelled to post this and remind as many women as I could to get checked regularly. I had a similar (yet even stronger) compulsion several years ago and I found out later that it probably saved the life of someone very near and dear to me. So I’ve learned to act on the gut feelings. I hope that whoever you are out there that I’m meant to reach with this message…you get it. And you act on it too!


You see, one of my dearest friends (and family members) was diagnosed with Beast Cancer about five years ago. She was not your typical candidate. She had no family history, she was quite young to be getting it (in her 20’s still) and she was technically very healthy. She worked out, ate right, etc. So needless to say, when she found a lump we were all shocked. But here’s the thing, cancer does not pick favorites, it does not discriminate and it does not play by the rules!

She has since told me that had I not been compelled to do a marathon and a half walk for breast cancer that year, in which she helped me train for, she would have never thought to get checked. She would have discounted the lump as just some weird fatty growth and ignored it. And it would have been a deadly mistake. Please don’t make that mistake… get checked and take care of yourself!

After a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, my friend is cancer free and just celebrating her “5 years clear” anniversary. She’s also got two beautiful little girls now, the likes of which she thought for sure she’d never have after her cancer. She has gone through hell and back but the important part is she made it back…and that’s a journey that although I would never wish for anyone to have to take, had she not had an early warning, she would have never even had the chance to return from. Again, I urge you, get checked and take care of yourself…

Giggle at the video and share if you’d like, but most importantly, promise yourself that you’ll get checked out. Self care is not selfish and remember that you can not care for others if you are not around.

Please share your comments and your PROMISE to take care of yourself, in the comment box below. And don’t forget to share this with others – you never know who might need it.