Masterful Mindsets ~ Let the fire burn and find new growth among the ashes.

“Some fires in life are necessary in order to clear the way for our own growth and survival.”  ~ Michelle Weimer


Does it often feel like there’s a fire burning in your life? Have you stopped to think about how the fire might benefit you? Is it time to light a healthy fire in your life?

Action Challenge:

It was once thought that all forest fires should be put out. I’m sure you can recall those wise words that were first “spoken” by Smokey Bear over 70 years ago, “Remember, only you can prevent forest fires.”

But interestingly enough, over the years of strictly preventing forest fires, ecologists learned that preventing all fires isn’t necessarily a good thing. While large fires can be destructive, some fire can actually be healthy for forests.

So what does fire being necessary for the survival of some trees, have to do with you?

Well, maybe it’s time to quit putting out all the fires in your life and first, find out how some can benefit you too…

The last few days, I’ve repeatedly heard about how giant sequoias not only benefit from fires, they actually depend on fires to ensure their growth and continued existence. And I am a firm believer that when you hear a recurring message, it’s God (or the universe) trying to tell you something. I also believe that if I need to hear the message, odds are… someone else might benefit from that message too. So today, I want to explain why giant sequoia trees need fire for their survival and how we just might benefit from our own fires too! Sounds odd I know… but “bear” with me. (Pun intended Smokey – have you read last week’s article?)

Now I’m not talking about huge blazes, burning out of control. I’m talking about smaller, healthy fires. Without these beneficial fires, sequoias would not be able to reproduce and they would eventually cease to exist.

These fires help the sequoias to thrive because:

  1. Fires make space in the forest for more light and rain to fall through and reach the ground. (Sunlight and moisture are both necessary for growth.)
  2. Fires clear away dead debris or weeds which makes room for more trees to grow and exposes the healthy mineral soil for the seeds to flourish. (Without clear fertile ground for the seeds to fall upon, they would not grow.)
  3. The heat of the fire is necessary in order for the pine cones to open and the seeds to come out. (Without this heat, the cones wouldn’t open and the trees would not be able to reproduce.)

In short, giant sequoias are mighty and majestic, some standing over 300 feet tall… and in order to reproduce, grow and thrive; they need fire.

Let’s think about this… not many people like to be uncomfortable. Most don’t like to be pushed outside of their comfort zone. And in particularly when they are feeling like they are “in the fires of life”, it’s easy to feel scared or defeated.

But just like the Giant Sequoias, even you can benefit from a fire once in a while.

Sometimes the adversities we experience in life are necessary fires to clear away the unnecessary, unhealthy clutter or dead weight in our lives. This might be a toxic relationship, baggage from your past, old hurts or misunderstandings, self-limiting beliefs, fears, etc… you know what it is for you. What do you need to clear out?

My challenge to you is not to be afraid of the fires burning in your life but rather, look for how they might benefit you. Let the fire burn and find new growth among the ashes.

Don’t wait for a destructive fire to burn out of control and destroy your life. Instead, light your own healthy, controlled fire and let it burn out what you don’t need, so you can clear the way for what you do need and want in your life.

Then let the heat of the fire burst open the cone that has been holding your deepest dreams and let the seeds fall to the fertile ground so they can grow and thrive. It’s time to light a fire so you can get moving in the direction of your dreams.

Note: If you don’t light a controlled fire of your own, “nature” will eventually take care of it for you. The lightening will strike and you will be forced to deal with it. If you are afraid to light your own fire, that’s understandable. If you are in a fire right now, know that it may be the best thing that ever happened to you. And it’s preparing the way for something bigger and better…

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