Masterful Mindsets ~ The Best Way to Grow Relationships is to Nurture Them


Do you nurture your relationships every day or just on special days? What do you do to show and express love to those that matter most to you in your life? How could you express kindness to all, to make the world a better place? Do you love and nurture the relationship you have with yourself?

Action Challenge: 

Relationships don’t flourish by only being nurtured on one special day of the year. If you really want them to grow, you must nurture them daily.

This is the month of love and of course, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So today I want to talk to you about nurturing your relationships. But before I go on, please hear me loud and clear – it’s not just one month, one week or one special day that you should be nurturing your relationships. If that’s what you do then you probably don’t have many to nurture.

A rose can grow big, beautiful and fragrant if you nurture it. Likewise, a friend can grow and blossom into a beautiful part of your world, making it a joy to be in, if you nurture the relationship.

My challenge for you is to commit to nurturing relationships in your life every day. You never know when you’ll be someone’s single friend to brighten their world or the rose that makes up their garden. A kind word or a quick call to say hello might be just what they need.

Some ideas for you:

Of course, you can give gifts, send flowers, chocolates or wine but what about quality time? How about shutting off your phone and spending quality time with someone.

Commit to contacting someone everyday – text, call or even send a card.

Smile at people and be kind, make eye contact, hold the door open.

Do something thoughtful or helpful – sweep snow for a neighbor, offer to pick up a friend’s kids, make another family dinner, buy coffee for the person behind you in line.

Just think of all the rose gardens we can plant and all the relationships we can make blossom by nurturing and being kind.

Oh and don’t forget yourself… the relationship you have with yourself might just be the most important of all because if you don’t love and nurture yourself, how can you possibly have enough love within, to give love freely to others?

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