“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”  ~ Winston Churchill

Throughout life there are always obstacles which come up and can cause us to lose sight of our goals.  Whether it’s simply a piece of chocolate cake when we are on a diet or a failed networking situation when we are trying to grow a business; obstacles are always there.  But how you choose to view those obstacles are up to you.

When you are given the opportunity to face a challenge, it’s important to keep in mind that although you can’t always control the situation, circumstances or the outcome, the one thing you can control is how you perceive it and how you choose to react or respond.

In other words, you have the power to decide whether it’s an obstacle or an opportunity. And knowing that, will empower you to move forward rather than staying stuck on the obstacle. So are you up for the challenge?  Do you see an obstacle come up and immediately fill with fear, hesitation and disappointment or do you look at it as an opportunity to overcome and conquer?

The frame of mind in which you view your situation can have a huge effect on how you get through that situation. If you allow thoughts of fear and failure to take over your thinking then you can often be paralyzed by it.  So how do you change your perception to ensure it becomes an opportunity and not a crippling obstacle?

  • Choose to change your mind. –  Your mind and your thoughts are very powerful.  The key is to choose the right thoughts, especially in the tough times.  Make a conscious decision to not allow fear to control you, instead, stay in a positive frame of mind.
  • Believe it.  – Feel it deep in your heart. Trust and know that you can do this. Believing that an obstacle is an opportunity will empower you and you’ll find strength within to overcome whatever the situation is.
  • Be empowered by your words. – Listen to the words you speak. What you speak is what you believe and what you believe will ultimately become your own reality. So speak words to support the belief you want to have and soon it will become your reality.  Believe in yourself and your ability to overcome. Then speak the words to support that belief.
  • Stay focused on the solution. – Don’t lose sight of the goal at hand.  Look for what you can control and work with that. If you focus on the opportunity and the solution, not the obstacle, you will be more likely to reach your goal instead of getting stuck.

Notice in the first picture, #5 (which happens to be my youngest daughter, faces the obstacle (the opponent in this case), takes the challenge, keeps her eye on the goal, passes the “obstacle” up (in the picture below) and goes on to score.




You can do it too. There will always be obstacles in life.  Don’t allow the obstacles to keep you from your goals.  Instead, use that opportunity to stay focused, stay strong, and stay faithful.  Your next opportunity for success is already here now.  How will you perceive it?

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