Masterful Mindsets ~ Dis-Organization and Clutter Steal Time

“Don’t agonize, organize.” ~ Florynce Kennedy


How organized are you? Do you have a place for everything or do you feel disorganized and cluttered? When was the last time you de-cluttered and got organized? Did you know that piles of clutter can steal more from you then what you receive from saving what’s in those piles?

Action Challenge:

Look around the room you’re in right now… How many piles or areas of disorganization do you see? Let’s face it, we all have piles. The pesky things we have but don’t always know what to do with. The papers we think we’ll tend to later or the stuff we know we need to get to but just don’t have the time. It all builds up and becomes the clutter that fills our lives.

As we come to the end of this mini-series on Time Management, I want to talk about organization. Now it might not seem that organization and time management go together. But they do because piles and clutter steal your time in a big way.

As a matter of fact, the piles in your home or office are not only stealing your time – they are stealing your focus, your energy, your ability to be productive and your freedom.

The quote for this week is simple and short yet so profound. When we are not organized, we agonize.

Until you get a handle on the “piles” in your life, they are going to continue to grow and keep you from being your best.

You may feel like you know where everything is but there is always a nagging feeling when you look at the piles laying around. There is no doubt about it, the clutter will weigh you down.

I recently cleaned out my storage room. Talk about a bunch of piles that were stealing my time and energy. I felt a huge weight lifted when I got rid of the “junk”. I can now walk into the room (without being blocked by piles), go directly to what I’m needing (without having to waste time searching for it) get what I want and get on with my life. It’s awesome!

If you’ve been putting off working on your piles, it’s time to get started so they don’t overwhelm you any longer. (And don’t forget the electronic piles. Clean out that inbox and see how refreshing it can be.)

My challenge to you this week is to get organized! Clean out the clutter that is stealing your time and energy! I’ve created a template that I want to share with you that provides a quick and easy way to get organized. So begin this week’s action challenge with downloading the Organize is Not a Four Letter Word template and then schedule some time this week to clear out at least one pile! You’ll love how it feels and likely want to do more.

Download my Organize is Not a Four Letter Word template and start getting your life organized today!

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