Masterful Mindsets ~ Have Patience With Yourself


How patient are you with yourself? Do you find you’re more critical or have higher expectations of yourself than you do with others? Are you judgmental or overly critical of yourself?

Action Challenge: 

Patience is a skill you must practice, especially when it comes to being patient with yourself. 

Not having patience with yourself can be the result of many things but often it has to do with unrealistic expectations, negative thoughts or judgments, not getting needs met or focusing too much on the problem rather than the solution or on something that you can not control.

My Challenge for You: Learn to have patience with yourself. Patience is a skill so the challenge is to practice it!

Begin with these three simple steps:

1.) Pay attention to when you’re not patient. What expectations, critical thoughts or negative beliefs are triggering your lack of patience? Do you have a need that isn’t being met? What’s really at the root of your lack of patience?

2.) Be kind to yourself for not being perfect – all skills come with practice. Don’t forget to look at all the ways you are doing your best, to be your best. Look for solutions rather then focusing on problems. In particularly, look for what is within your control to change rather then getting stuck on what isn’t.

3.) Stop the self abuse. Change the automatic judgement and unrealistic expectations to loving intentions and solution focused actions. You’ll end up getting more accomplished when you waste less energy on beating yourself up and instead have patience with yourself, knowing that you can and will be your best self if you keep working at it.


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