“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”  ~Pablo Picasso

I know it’s only October, but I want you to think about the coming new year. (It’ll be here before you know it!) If you’re like most people, each year you get motivated to set New Year’s resolutions that are going to once and for all transform your life. There’s something very exciting about the clean slate that seems to come with the new year. But by February, you’re scratching your head and wondering what happened because you’re right back where you started.  Your life hasn’t changed a bit. What happened? You had good intentions, right? And you thought this year would be different because you lined out your goals. So why is it that nothing changed? What got in your way?

Whether you promise yourself year after year that you’ll stick with those lofty New Year’s resolutions, or you wake up every  morning thinking, “Today is the day I will change my life!” only to go to bed that night disappointed because you slid backwards rather then moving forward… Then I want to shed some light on the sneaky little monsters that are lurking in the dark corners of your mind and stealing your success. I want this time to be different for you! Pitfalls don’t have to be scary…

As a matter of fact, the solutions are really very simple. The first thing you must have to overcome the pitfalls that are sabotaging your success and really reach your goals is awareness. Yep, you’ve got to be able to identify those sneaking little pitfalls when they start to show up. Because once you can identify them, then…you can change them!

So, rather than overwhelming you, cause let’s face it, overwhelm is at the root of many of our pitfalls, I want to just start you out by sharing one of the most common pitfalls that we all encounter. And that is PROCRASTINATION!

If you find yourself doing other things instead of working on the one thing that you really want to get done, or maybe you put off doing things that you want to do for yourself because others “need” you, then it is quite possible procrastination is tripping you up.

So my challenge to you is this – start to look for the times throughout your day that you are procrastinating. Ask yourself, “Why am I choosing to do “this” instead of really focusing on “that”, which I know will help me reach my goal?” Just explore what comes up for you.  Become aware!

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I hope today’s article has inspired you to quit putting off what you know you must do to move forward in your life. Procrastination is just one of the many pitfalls that can trip you up and keep you from reaching your goals. So don’t wait any longer to discover what’s been holding you back and keeping you from living your ideal life.
Get started now, really, why procrastinate? Join me for the next teleclass and discover what’s been holding you back so that you can live your ideal life.
Oh and as always, I want to hear from you. Comment below and share something you’ve been procrastinating on. Let’s decide together that you’re going to take that next step!