Masterful Mindsets ~ Playing the “What If” Game? Here’s how to win at it…


Do you play the “What If” Game with doom as the prize or do you seek the winning possibilities? What do you focus on most? The possible positive outcomes or all the negative scenarios? The things you don’t want or what you do want? Do you play to lose or do you play to win?

Action Challenge: 

What you focus on expands! 

If you’ve ever found yourself playing the “What If” Game in your head over a big decision or challenge you were facing then I’m here to remind you that what you focus on expands so why would you want to focus on all the negatives? That’s a losing game and one that will hold you back in life. So instead, if you want to play to win then focus on the positive “what ifs”. Allow yourself to dream about the scenario where things work out for the best! Then set your sights on that and go for it!

My Challenge for You: Take a situation or something you find yourself worrying about. Go ahead and play the “What If” Game with it. Write it all down, every negative scenario you can think of. And as you write one, then the next step will be to take that conclusion farther to the next step until you get to the bottom. What you’ll find – is that you will survive. It will be okay! Then take that same idea and play the game in a positive light. Write down every possible positive outcome and take each to the next step. Then let that be your guide to taking action on your dream… No more letting the worrisome “what if’s” hold you back! It’s time to play to win!

***As promised in my video… here’s the link to Kane Brown’s song, “What Ifs” – Watch it HERE!

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