Masterful Mindsets – Practice Positive Habits

“Our habits shape who we become and the results we create in the world.” ~ Lewis Howes


What habits do you have? Good habits? Bad habits? How are the habits you have, serving or hindering your life and the life you want to create?

Action Challenge:

I’ve been writing all month about resolutions and how to create resolutions that work. But when it all boils down to it, keeping resolutions is really about creating habits in our lives that serve us to our highest potential and help us create the results we want in the world.

Think about this…

We all have good and bad habits, right? When you think of habits, you might think of those that are easy to identify – such as good habits like brushing your teeth every day or bad habits like biting your nails. But did you know that other habits, like negative self-talk, procrastination, stress eating, etc. are also habits? Likewise, creating to-do lists, being organized and staying focused on the positive can also be habits that are created. Really any action that you want to create as a regular way of life can be seen as a habit.

After all, another word for habit is practice. A habit is a tendency or practice that we do regularly. So why not choose to create habits that will shape you and your life into what you desire most?

My challenge to you is to review your resolutions and look for the positive habits that you can practice daily to help you achieve them. I would also challenge you to begin today with at least one new habit that you believe will get you closer to your desired life. Not sure where to start? Here’s an example: Start getting up 15 minutes earlier so you can begin your day with a reflection of gratitude before you get out of bed. This helps you get into a positive mindset. And wouldn’t that be a great habit to live by?

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