Masterful Mindsets – Guide to Setting New Year’s Resolutions

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” ~ Oprah Winfrey


Have you set your New Year’s resolutions yet?  What are you waiting for? How do you intend to create a life you’ll love this year?

Action Challenge:

It seems that setting new year’s resolutions have become a thing of the past for many. Most likely it’s because too many times people set them and they don’t work (more in another issue about why that is). But, what if you had a plan to insure they did work?

If the nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach – you know, the one that keeps reminding you of your past resolution failures – has been keeping you from setting your intentions for creating a life you’ll love, then get ready… because I’m here to tell you that this is the year for real change. And I’m not talking about just saying you are going to make some changes, I’m talking about taking action and really changing.

My challenge to you is to follow the steps below to draft your resolutions. Then get ready to make this year different!

Awareness:  I truly believe that in order to make change happen in your life you must become aware. Take some time and become aware of where you are now, and where you’d like to be. And if you are going to make positive changes in your life, wouldn’t it make sense to make those changes based on your values; what is really important to you?

Define Your Values:  Think about your values and let them resonate within you before you decide where you want to go in your life.  Define them. Then make your resolutions based on what’s important and how you can get there or change to improve them. Really spend some time on this part. Sit quietly in a room for a few minutes, breath deeply and think about the things that you value most in your life. Write down what is most important to you. Is it your family, your career, your faith? Whatever values you come up with, take them and draw a circle around each one. Then from that circle, make branches coming from the circle that indicate each component of that value. For example, if you value being healthy, your branches might include such things as meditation, exercise, healthy eating, water, rest, etc. Then see what you need to do to be sure you are making those things available to you so that you can feed your value. If you don’t feed it the right things to help it grow, it will not flourish.

Set Your Resolutions:  Remember the components of making SMART goals, and as you consider each value in your life, be sure that each component is there as you set your intentions. If you can have specific, measurable, reachable goals you will be able to take action and get them accomplished in a timely manner.

Take Action:  This is the part of the SMART goals that many people leave out. It’s much easier to plan out how you’ll change, then to actually take action and really do it. It’s true that often times people act without having a plan and they fail, but if you plan and never act, you will surely not succeed. It’s necessary to have all components of the SMART goals. You must take action!

Get Support:  Making changes happen in your life is not an easy task.  If it were, we’d all do it and there wouldn’t be any issues. And trying to do it alone is even harder. So it’s always helpful to share your goals with others who have the same interests. Join a group or enlist the help of someone you know to support you and hold you accountable.

As a personal transformation and success coach, I specialize in helping individuals create big change in their lives so they can reach their goals and live to their full potential. If you would like someone to help you live your best life but don’t know where to turn, then contact me, I’d love to help. It might be just the boost you need. Don’t let another year go by without creating the changes in your life that you deeply desire. It’s time to take action! Good luck with those New Year’s resolutions!

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