Masterful Mindsets – Rest, Be Inspired, Be Productive

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is rest and let your angels wrap you in their loving wings. They’ve got you covered.  ~ Anna Taylor”


Where do you get your inspiration from? How do you stay productive, especially when you’re overwhelmed and exhausted?

Action Challenge: 

I’ve got to admit something to you… I was feeling less than inspired to write this week’s Masterful Mindset. I started writing four different blog posts this week. I even wrote the word “poop” after a long pause in a sentence, as I was trying to think of what to say. (Yes, sometimes my posts require a lot of editing before you see them.) 😉

I also wrote down nine – yes – NINE different quotes, looking for inspiration. I got nothing… then I decided to just sit on my back porch and watch the sun set. Partially because I was so frustrated that I just had to stop but mostly because I knew it was a sure sign that I needed a break. I’ve had a lot going on lately… and I’ve been working long hours. (Can you relate?) It was time to rest… So there I sat.

I looked at the beauty, I took it all in and I sat in peace. I watched the leaves flutter in the wind, I watched a bird fly and literally float effortlessly through the air. I looked at the outstretched beauty of the clam evening sky in all its brilliant colors. And I decided to just breathe. That’s when it hit me! Sometimes in our never ending, fast paced, busy lives – we don’t need inspiration to do more, we need space to breathe and relax. We need to be present in the moment and enjoy the beauty around us. The beauty that we are often too busy to notice.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to be inspired and productive. That’s what makes the world go round… but sometimes, our greatest inspirations can come when we rest and let go.

So guess what happened? After sitting quietly for a while, being present in the moment and watching the sun set. I was inspired. I didn’t even have a quote yet but I knew I wanted to share this experience with you. So I started writing the words above. And then, I put my pen down and took another break. A couple days later, as if divinely received, I ran across this week’s quote and knew that it was not only the perfect message for you but also a loving reminder to me. For on that day, when I was stressing about all I had to do… my angels had it covered, I just needed to rest.

My challenge for you is to be aware when you need a break. Take time to rest. Recognize and appreciate the things in your life that bring you joy.  Be calm and at peace. Breathe… and soak in the beauty around you. Enjoy it and let it refresh, renew and inspire you. Then go out and be productive. You’ll be amazed at what taking that break will do for you. And if it doesn’t work, then perhaps you need to let a few more things go and rest in the comfort of your angels’ wings a little longer.

***I want to hear from you… share your thoughts about this week’s topic below. And let me know how you get inspired to be more productive.