Masterful Mindsets – Romance Yourself

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”   ~Oscar Wilde

Question: How would you define true love? Perhaps words like unconditional love, honor and affection come to mind. Or maybe you think of kindness and self-care when you dream of what a loving romance with yourself would look like. More importantly, would you define love of self differently then you define love of others? And if so, why? Aren’t you worth all the same love that you would give or want from someone else?

Action Challenge: 

Most children think they want a fairy tale romance when they grow up. A magical dream come true. But what we don’t realize is that if we don’t love ourselves from within, then how can we possibly generate love all around us? Wanting someone to sweep you off your feet is okay, but true love…well now, that’s something special and something that lasts a lifetime. Isn’t that the kind of love you really want to create in your life?

It starts with learning to love yourself. When you love yourself, the whole world opens up to be a more magical place for you.

Your challenge this week is to define what it means to truly love yourself. It’s important to know what you want in any relationship INCLUDING a loving relationship with yourself. Then this Valentine’s Day, do something different. Be your own Valentine and let this be the beginning of a lifelong romance with yourself.

***I want to hear from you… How do you define self-love? And what will you do for yourself this year on the “day of love” to show yourself a little romance?

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Yes! I’m Ready!