Masterful Mindsets – Focused on Fear? The Scariest Thing of All

“A mind focused on doubt and fear cannot focus on the journey to victory.”  ~Mike Jones

Question: What are you most afraid of? Do past failures haunt you? Does the fear of the unknown keep you paralyzed from taking action towards your future?

Action Challenge:

Halloween is almost here and everywhere you look you can see scary ghosts and goblins. But perhaps the scariest thing of all would be a life not lived to it’s full potential. Are you at risk of that? Are you so focused on your fears that you aren’t stepping into your full potential?

This week, challenge yourself to shift your focus from the fears that keep you stuck and small in your life to the courage you carry within that will catapult you to the life you desire.

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***I want to hear from you… what is your greatest fear? Comment Below!