Masterful Mindsets ~ Structure Gives You Freedom! 


How productive are your days? Do you schedule and structure your day in a way that is giving you the maximum results to achieve everything you want to accomplish each day? Or are you exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of the day – feeling like you’re always busy but never getting anything done?

Action Challenge: 

How to structure your day so that you’ll be more productive without being more busy:


1. Structure Gives You Freedom! So Schedule Your Day – Start with putting the most important tasks or to-do’s on the calendar first then fill in the other tasks in priority order. Setting reminder notifications can also be very helpful to keep you on track with your schedule.


NOTE: Priority order doesn’t mean that you wait till important things become urgent. Plan ahead to make sure you aren’t working from a state of urgency and emergency all the time!


2. Bookend Your Day – Start with planning out your day and finalizing your schedule. End with reviewing your day and rating your productivity. Check off what got done; evaluate where you might need to change things; finish one last thing; get a head start on planning the next day by carrying over any must do’s that didn’t get done; etc.


3. Take Time to Take Breaks – It’s a must to schedule in time for breaks! You may think you don’t have time for breaks but actually, you don’t have time not to take them. Taking breaks throughout your day will make you more productive in less time because you will be able to keep your energy and focus higher if you give yourself a chance to reset and recharge, even if it’s only for a few minutes.


My Challenge for You: Get some structure in your day so you can have some freedom in your life!  When you have a schedule and structure your day to be productive it gives you freedom to feel good and enjoy taking time off. Schedule Everything, Bookend Your Day and Take Breaks


***Don’t have a good planner? Check out a couple of my favorites on the Resource Page or Click the Links below:
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