Masterful Mindsets – The Secret to Happiness and Freedom

The secret of happiness is freedom… The secret of freedom is courage. ~ Thucydides


How often do you feel truly free in your life? Are you trapped your own fears and limiting beliefs? Do you have the courage to set yourself free?

Action Challenge: 

Independence Day is one of the greatest American holidays, both for what we celebrate and how we celebrate it. I mean, who doesn’t love a good barbecue, a festive parade and spectacular fireworks? But, it’s easy to take liberty and freedom for granted. It’s also easy to give your freedom away by being trapped within the walls of your own beliefs and fears. And I know that our forefathers didn’t fight for our freedom so that we could be imprisoned by our own limitations.

So by all means, march in a parade, host a barbecue, and light off some fireworks. My family and I will be right there with you. So by all means, march in a parade, host a barbecue, and light off some fireworks. My family and I will be right there with you. However, don’t forget to take some time to reflect on why we celebrate. There are some in this world who only wish they had the freedom and independence we get to experience. Let it be their cries for freedom that wash over you and encourage you to break free from your own personal imprisonment.

If you never have the courage to push out of your comfort zone and past your limiting beliefs, you will never be free from your fears or your ego. Let’s face it, you probably hear your ego talking anytime you get dangerously close to stepping out of that comfort zone of yours. Or maybe, you’ve given your fears so much power that you don’t ever even get near the edge of pushing your limits. But what if those who have fought for our freedom let their fear keep them from pushing boldly forward? Where would we be? Probably not free…that’s for sure.

My challenge to you, no matter whether you are American or not, is to declare your own personal independence! Have the courage to set yourself free from negative mindsets, limiting beliefs and paralyzing fears. Be happy and celebrate your freedom.

There’s a saying in my industry, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” I love this because it resonates so true to the energy necessary to push us forward. If you withdraw every time you begin to feel fear, you will never, ever move forward in your life. But, if you can have courage, you can be free… and that my friend, is the secret to happiness.

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