Masterful Mindsets – Shhhhh….

“How does silence find its way out of that noisy, chattering mind? That endless maze of thought, concept, opinion, belief? How does perfect silence and pure consciousness find its way out of that maze? Very simply: Bring yourself present with something that’s HERE, in the moment. Then you’ll be HERE again.”   ~Leonard Jacobson

Question: Are you aware of how often the noise of your “mind chatter” is keeping you from hearing your soul’s TRUTH and being present in the moment?

Action Challenge: Shhhhh…stop the noise and be present! Pay attention this week to how often you catch yourself rattling along in your mind with negative talk, worries, fears, limiting beliefs, etc. about the past or future. Being conscious of those moments will allow you to refocus. Implement the practice of bringing yourself back to the present – focus on the here and now.

*I want to hear from you…do you find that you have a lot of mind chatter? What do you do to stop the noise and refocus to the present?