Masterful Mindsets – Strong Now Means Easy Later

“In every day are found a few hard moments, which if we are strong in, make everything else like ‘a piece of cake’. But if we are weak in those moments – if we cave in to the temptation of taking the lower road – then we will find ourselves caving in on many things.”  ~Stephen Covey

Question: How often do you experienced hard moments in your life? Do you stand strong in those moments or do you cave in? Sometimes we need to know that standing strong could mean asking for help. How do you know what you must do to stand strong in the hard moments you encounter?

Action Challenge: Think about the times when you’ve stood strong when it would have seemed easier to cave, only to find that by standing strong in that moment, it made things easier in the long run. Then make a list of what it took to stay strong so that you can use those tools in the future. Maybe it’s people from your support system that helped, a coach, your willpower or a quote that you always keep in mind.

*I want to hear from you…share a situation that you’ve stood strong in when it would have seemed easier to cave and what helped you stay strong.