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Feminine Super Powers for the Modern Day SuperWoman – Release the Pressure to Do It All & Receive the Freedom to Live the Lifestyle You Really Want ~ with Christine Arylo

In today’s busy world where you are expected to multi-task in ways that even Superwoman couldn’t handle, it’s really easy to fall into a hectic rhythm where your life begins to run you – instead of you running it.

It’s the unsustainable reality of the modern day woman and it’s one that no yoga pose, daytime planning system or weekend spa retreat will cure. If you are going to be a happy AND healthy woman, dealing with the pressures and responsibilities you face every day, you’ve got to learn to “DO” your life differently. Join Christine as she reveals how to ensure that the life you are creating is actually in alignment to what makes you both happy and successful.

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The Sneeze Code: How to sneeze your way to balance and confidence without working so hard…and other little known secrets ~ with Stephanie Owens

Stephanie Owens is fiercely committed to guiding Superwomen with the support and tools they need to achieve their ridiculously high expectations without working so hard. As the creator of The Procrastination Cure 30 Day Challenge and author of the book, “No Is The New YES!: How to Say No, Set Better Boundaries and Reclaim Your Joy”, Stephanie has many tool for how to live a happy life with confidence and ease. Not only will Stephanie share the secret power of a sneeze, she’ll also help you gain clarity and focus by revealing the two key pieces necessary to be able to say no when you mean no and yes when you really want to say yes.

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How Toxic Superwoman Stress Makes Us Sick, Fat, Tired and Old…and What to Do About It ~ with Debi Silber

Debi Silber, “The Mojo Coach” is a master at helping others “get their mojo back” so they can live the lives they want most and she’s here to share her secrets with us. She’ll be connecting the dots to how stress creates weight gain, makes us sick, tired and ages us, even to the point of causing pre-mature menopause. Most importantly, she’ll be talking about how you can reverse all that and get your mojo back so that you can create your best body, mind, image and lifestyle so you can become your personal and professional best.

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The Most Important Universal Law: Law of Sufficiency and Abundance ~ with Christy Whitman

New-York Times Best-Selling Author and Certified Law of Attraction Coach Christy Whitman will give you an overview of the 7 Universal Laws and reveal all you need to know about the most important and most often overlooked Universal Law, the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. Learn what the Law of Sufficiency is, why it is the most important of the Universal Laws, and how to use the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance to get less of what you don’t want and more of what you do want. If you want to know how you can attract less negative people and events in your life and how you can manifest from your attitudes and beliefs (it’s not just positive thinking), then you won’t want to miss this call. Learn the difference between lack and abundance mindset and how you can turn your mindset into one of abundance with ease.

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3 Simple Steps to Bringing More Joy Into Your Life ~ with Karin Volo

Join Karin Volo, Transformational Author to the Bringing Joy picture books and the Evolution Expert, on this call, where you will learn to change the way you see your life immediately and start feeling better, to feel calmer and more in control, and to be more confident in your future. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to reclaim your power so that you are in the driver’s seat. It’s time to change how you perceive your world and learn that you have the power to create all of your dreams…you just need to be taught how. In this talk, Karin will give you the most important key to starting this process and show you the tools that you need to create the life of your dreams.

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The Enlightened Mom: Energetic Tools to Shift Your Life and Home to Peace, Miracles & Abundance

The greatest gift you can give your family is to heal yourself. Terri Amos-Britt, the Enlightened Mom, teaches us how tapping into the Divine Mother inside of you will energetically shift your life, home and work to peace, passion, PLAYFULNESS, miracles and abundance.

Terri says, “We mommas must recognize our valuable roles. By awakening to the Divine Mother within, we raise our vibrations and open up to receive guidance, miracles and abundance. We let go of guilt and control, and step into a magical flow, allowing the universe to support us with every want and need. THIS is our greatest act of service. As we nurture and love ourselves unconditionally, we set the tone for our families, friends and co-workers to thrive. Abundance comes when we take responsibility to heal our own lives…one person at a time. And it starts with Mom first.”

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Fearless Living ~ with Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten – Emmy Award winner, repeat Oprah guest, 4x bestselling author including national hit, “Fearless Living” and creator of the number one method for overcoming fear – will help you unlock the fears holding you back. Join Rhonda as she shares her incredible story of overcoming the fears that were controlling her life so that she could live with the freedom she wanted. Rhonda will talk about how we get triggered into spinning on the Wheel of Fear with our negative feelings and self-destructive behaviors and how to get off of that wheel so that you can live your life your way…Fearlessly!

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Embrace Divine Timing to Achieve Your Greatest Joy and True Success ~ with Erin Cox

Bestselling author Erin Cox believes we need to take the utmost care of our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being so we have energy and joy to pursue our passions and be the partners and parents we have always aspired to be. And she will tell you how to do just that by shares a powerful message about the importance of trusting in divine timing. She will give concrete tips on how you can embrace divine timing and the pace of success in your life. She’ll also share the importance if living in alignment with your priorities so that you can create the greatest joy in your life. She’ll give practical tips for gaining clarity about who you are and how you can live with more authenticity and confidence. As well as how to take better care of yourself and practice self-love when you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

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How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style ~ with Susan Baroncini-Moe

In this call, we’ll cover many of the key concepts Susan Baroncini-Moe addresses in her book, Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own terms, in Your Own Style, including what Susan calls “Brain Junk,” the mental baggage that gets in your way, and stops you from having a successful business before you’ve even started it. Plus how to know when you have a good business idea or should be looking for something else, and everything from packaging your business into a successful business model and a super-attractive brand to leaning into your marketing and creating a village to help you grow your business so that you can really take off the cape and live life on your terms, in your style.

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Unleash Your Productivity Potential in the Workplace ~ with Wendy Ellin

As Superwomen we often feel like we don’t have enough hours in the day and we are constantly striving to get more done. So this is your opportunity to let Workplace Productivity Life Changer, Wendy Ellin show you how to increase your productivity potential with her three simple secrets to regaining control of your life with little effort; as well as how you can create at least 2 additional hours in your day – every day.

Wendy has developed simple, street-smart tools and techniques to help even the most disorganized people “get more life out of life” and she’ll be sharing some of them with us; including three concrete steps that you can implement immediately to let go of clutter and get onto the path of living an organized,

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The New Paradigm of Parenting – Empowering Parents AND Children ~ with Kiva Leatherman and Jolette Jai

Kiva Leatherman and Jolette Jai, co-founders of the Jai Institute of Parenting are changing the experience of parenting. They believe that there is a new paradigm in the relationship between parents and children. This paradigm is based on empathy, communication and mutual respect. Join us for this special call as they share insights into how to shift your old parenting patterns and limiting beliefs so you can control your own emotional triggers and create a more peaceful, authentic parenting style that is built on the foundation of shared values that fits you, the parent you want to be and your family.

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Parenting without Power Struggles – Be the Captain of Your Ship: A better way for you, your family and all your relationships. ~ with Susan Stiffelman

Susan Stiffelman, author of Parenting Without Power Struggles: Raising Joyful, Resilient Kids While Staying Cool, Calm and Connected, will be sharing with us how important it is to remain the “Captain of the Ship” as a parent and just how to do that in a healthy and productive way so that we can not only get a handle on power struggles with our children but in all relationships in our lives. Susan will also reveal the words you should never use when you are in a power struggle. Plus she’ll guide us through the best way to make a decision by checking in with the 4 key elements that must be congruent to make an empowered decision.

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How to Build a 6-7 Figure Biz While Raising Great Kidz ~ with Kiyla Fenell

Self-made mommy millionaire and business consultant Kiyla Fenell will be sharing some of the most common symptoms of Superwoman Syndrome along with her solutions for overcoming them. She’ll be talking about some of the key factors to her no-nonsense approach to achieving success. And how important those factors are to creating a life by design instead of default.

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Reclaim Your Lost Super Power – Your Emotions ~ with Michelle Bersell

Emotions, especially negative feelings, have been considered a source of weakness. The time has come for women to reclaim this aspect of themselves in order to live more deeply and freely from their truth. No more trying to rid yourself of negative feelings because doing so only keeps you away from accessing your innate power. On this call you’ll learn a feminine, empowered approach to your emotional well-being that’ll awaken you to deeper joy, fulfillment, and abundance in life.

Listen in to discover the ways fear sabotages your happiness and how to use guilt, sadness, anger and all your emotions as empowered guidance to live your best life. Michelle will also explain why we get overwhelmed and exhausted and how your emotions are guiding you out of those patterns. You’ll discover how to access greater clarity, insight, and inner guidance through your negative feelings. Believe it or not, your emotions are present to support you to create true balance, abundance, and love!

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Discover your Diamond of Brilliance- How to design a meaningful, prosperous business model that aligns with your deepest priorities in life. ~ with Lisa Grace Byrne

Most moms start their own business because they want more freedom, more time, more income, and more ways to express themselves creatively…but the truth is many find running their own businesses only add to the scattered, exhausted and stressed way of living they were trying to avoid. Join Lisa on this call where she’ll be sharing how to create the foundation for your life landscape so that you can design a meaningful, prosperous business that is in alignment with your most valued life priorities.

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Ultimate Manifestation! How to Get Everything You Want from Life with Peace, Power and Predictability! ~ with Sonia Miller

Listen in as Sonia Miller, author of the best-seller, The Attraction Distraction: Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You and How to Get Results – Finally!”, shares what it takes to claim your power as the Ultimate Manifestor of your life! Identify exactly what you’ve been doing and thinking that has actually kept your dream life out of reach and discover the paradigm shift you must make in order to experience abundance everywhere. Until you make this shift, you’ll continue to battle lack, fear and limitation. You will learn what creating your dream life is really about (believe it or not most seekers have it completely wrong!) and discover how to transform the 4 types of self-sabotage, so that you become master of your destiny.

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Loving Yourself ~ with Dr. Margaret Paul

Join us as Dr. Margaret Paul, best-selling author and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding® healing process and SelfQuest®, which is a transformational self-healing/conflict resolution software program, talks frankly about the major causes of Superwoman Syndrome and how we actually abandon and abuse ourselves. Dr. Paul will explain the six steps of Inner Bonding as well as giving us insight about what SelfQuest is and how both can transform our lives.

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How to breathe the Superwoman Syndrome by embracing sensual, sassy, supportable Self ~ with Luanne Simmons

Learn to embrace who you are with Luanne Simmons – Chief Goddess of Goddess on Purpose – a venue where Luanne shows women the path to living their dreams and highest potential. As a Hand Analyst and Life Purpose Coach, Luanne is blessed with the gift of looking beyond the masks and identifying each individual’s Life-Purpose. On this call, Luanne will tell you how you can reveal the reason for your being – your life purpose, as well as, how to embrace the blessings of your life lesson and the passion behind your life school. If you know you are meant to be doing something with your life but just can’t seem to focus on what it is, be sure you are on this call because Luanne will reveal the first steps you need to take to find your path.

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Become Empowered and Live a Fabulously Successful Life ~ with Dawn Z Bournand

Dawn Z Bournand, The Fabulously Successful Life and Business Strategist, believes that taking off the cape is a very empowering moment. She will share her top tips and insights to guide you in creating a life that fills you up and positively touches every person around you.

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Heal Your Depleted Superwoman Syndrome by Rewiring Your Inner Self (Body + Heart + Mind) ~ with Carista Luminare, Ph.D.

We believed that becoming a super high achiever, with that A++ personality, would win a lifetime of security and unimaginable rewards. But life began to lose its luster when exhaustion took control of our bodies. We thought that if we could be perfect, we would be loved. We became “alpha females” while burning up our feminine essence. The core beliefs and values that once gave our life meaning became more empty and irrelevant. Supermom became depleted mom.

As ego loses its attraction, Spirit leads our life. Our beauty radiates from our marrow rather than our makeup. Our wisdom infuses what we do. We commit to our body and mind to be healthy and wealthy. Now is the time to rise out of the ashes of insecurity and anxiety, releasing the mask of “Superwoman”, as we become whole and holy Real Woman. Confused how? Learn practical keys to a secure and extraordinary relationship – with your Beloved Self and your Beloved Others.

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How to Access the Power of Your Authentic Self ~ with Christine Kloser

In a world filled with “woulda, coulda, shoulda” – the quest to discover and “free” your true authentic self has taken front stage for women around the world. If you find yourself asking deeper, more meaningful questions about your mission and purpose – your joy and your passion – then you are most likely yearning to simply BE your true, authentic self. Listen in to this honest, vulnerable and transformational call as “The Transformation Catalyst”, Christine Kloser talks openly about her story and how can you let go of all those thoughts about who you’re “supposed” to be and what you’re supposed to be doing… so you can relax into the pure essence of who you are.

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Superwoman Syndrome – Take Off the Cape and Find Your True Power ~ with Michelle Weimer

Discover the number one secret to letting go of Superwoman Syndrome and unleashing your true power – as your host, Personal Transformation and Success Coach, Michelle Weimer pulls back the “cape” and reveals exactly what you need to know to get yourself moving towards creating the life you desire. Michelle will bring you her unique “Solution Focused” perspective on not only how to take off the cape but also why it’s critically important that you do. If you want to have the success you desire – whether you are seeking to create a successful business, happy family, healthy body, peaceful spirit or all of the above – then it’s time that you become aware of what’s REALLY been holding you back. Join Michelle as she walks you through the steps that will help you tap into your true power so that you can define success on your terms and thrive in all areas of your life, abundantly and joyfully.

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Q & A – Wrapping It Up!

Listen in as Host, Michelle Weimer wrapped up the Superwoman Syndrome ~ Take Off the Cape and Find Your True Power event with an opportunity for listeners to get their questions answered. And now she is ready to answer your burning questions. It’s time for you to put it all together so you can be well on your way to creating the life you desire. This is your chance to take action by raising your hand to talk with Michelle. So be sure to listen to this call. Then submit your questions to Michelle via email at to get your answers.

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