Masterful Mindsets – Autumn is A Time to Let Go and Take Rest!

“Take Rest – A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” ~ Ovid


Do you take the time to rest and renew regularly? Are you ready to let go of the things in your life that are weighing you down – past disappointments, limiting beliefs, old stories, unhealthy habits? What are you ready to change?

Action Challenge:

Autumn is in full swing and at my house, we have a sea of golden leaves that have fallen from the trees. So many that they nearly cover the 30+ pumpkins that surround our front yard. My home seems to have a warm, calm, peaceful glow about it. I just love this time of year!

Although, I haven’t always viewed the fall season in such a way. I actually spent the first half of my life with a much different perspective. When I was younger, I didn’t like autumn at all, in fact, I hated that my birthday was in the fall because I thought it was a “blah” time of year. The leaves were falling off the trees, the grass was dying and the earth seemed to be shedding its beauty. Then my perspective began to change….

I started to see the beauty in the changing colors – a reminder that there is beauty in change. I also began to enjoy watching the leaves fall to the ground from the trees – another reminder that it’s important to let go of the things that weigh us down and no longer serve us in a positive or productive way. And as I observe nature go dormant – it reminds me that it’s important to rest in order to renew your strength and spirit so you can regenerate a new beginning.  It’s amazing how when you change your viewpoint of life, life changes for you.

Often when we struggle with disappointments in life, we come to a point that in order to move on, we have to let go. We have to let the old thoughts or disappointments go in order to generate a new future for ourselves. We must shed old stories, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve us so that we can create a new way of living.

This time of year naturally brings with it the opportunity to let go of the baggage you’ve been carrying around –  slough off what is weighing you down and look for rest and renewal so that you can become more productive and fruitful in your efforts. So whether you’re thinking you need to change old habits and start fresh or let go of life’s disappointments, don’t wait for a new year to resolve to change.

My challenge to you is to use this autumn season to decide which old habits and limiting beliefs you are ready to change so you can be your best. To let go of old hurts and disappointments and vow to create a new future for yourself.  Take a forward-focused approach… Get rid of what’s causing your inner light to die out and get prepared for a new season of hopes to come.

And lastly, as you jump full swing into the holiday season, be sure to make time to rest and stay focused on what is most important to you. Look for the beauty in the little things. And let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore so you can make room for a new bountiful future. One that is full of hope and happiness. Take rest and be ready to be even more bountiful than you might have imagined!

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