Masterful Mindsets – Talk to Yourself

“What we speak becomes what we believe and what we believe becomes our reality.” ~ Michelle Weimer


What is your inner dialog? Are you speaking positive words to yourself? Are you talking to yourself the way you’d talk to your children or a dear friend? Or are you verbally beating yourself up? Speaking negative, self defeating words?

Action Challenge: 

I talk to myself a lot! Maybe it just goes with the territory of having a home office and being a solopreneur. But I don’t mind it really. After all, if I want some good advice, who better to ask? 😉

Seriously though, I have some great conversations with myself. Sometimes it’s a discussion about what I need to do next, for example, what I’ll write about in next week’s blog post or how I can help a client. Sometimes it’s an inner (or outer – yes, I even talk out loud) dialog, brainstorming my next project. Sometimes, it’s encouragement and pushing myself to do what I am not sure I can. Sometimes it’s positive and upbeat. Sometimes… not so much. Yes, I admit it, I engage in negative self talk on occasion too. I might ask myself, “What were you thinking?” or “Why did I do that?” I’ve even been guilty of more than a few, “Are you kidding me?” moments.

But the one thing that I made a commitment a long time ago not to ever do to myself, is to talk to myself any different then I’d talk to my loved ones. I would never tell someone I loved that they were stupid, not good enough, that they couldn’t do it, or that they weren’t loved.

I do however, try to talk to myself in other ways that I might speak to a loved one. For example, some of  my favorites, (especially when I’m working towards a goal) are: “You’ve got this!” “You can do this!” “Keep pushing, you’re almost there!” And perhaps my most used, favorite, “Hell yeah! I fucking did it!”

My challenge to you is to pay attention to the internal conversations you’re having with yourself. Go ahead, admit it… you talk to yourself too. But are you speaking words of inspiration and motivation? Are you empowering yourself with your conversation or are you beating yourself up? If you are not talking to yourself the same way you would talk to someone you love, then make a conscious effort to be aware of your words and shift them to more positive empowering statements. Because remember, the words you speak become what you believe and what you believe becomes your reality. What do you want your reality to be? Begin speaking it to yourself now!

***Not sure where to start or how to really speak positive words to yourself? Read: 365 Days of Positive Self Talk by Dr. Shad Helmstetter.

***I want to hear from you… share your thoughts about this week’s topic below.