Masterful Mindsets – The Art of Loving You

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde 

***To kick off February, I have a very special Masterful Mindset for you… My dear friend and colleague, Dawn Z. Bournand, founder of Fabulously Successful and The Women of Success, is sharing her thoughts (and a special gift) on The Art of Loving You!


Have you fallen in love with you?  Is your love unconditional or are you fickle when it comes to loving the authentic you? Do you say “yes” to you or do you feel you are not worthy and therefore put others needs before you own?  When was the last time you said “I love me” and meant it?

Action Challenge:

February is the month of love and though all the attention seems to get focused on romantic love and celebrating the relationship you may have with your soul mate, the love that is most important, self-love, is rarely talked about at this time of year.  We have been conditioned to look for love outside of ourselves when really the most important love to focus on is the one you create and cultivate with yourself.  It is only when you are fully accepting and loving to yourself that you can then give that same gift to another.

Self-love is perhaps the trickiest love slope of all though because it is about loving the person you know most intimately.  Loving the person whose every fault you know, whose every secret you have seen and whose lowest of lows you know all too well.  It is the love that needs to be the most unconditional of all and yet often seems to be the one that we put the most conditions on.

There is a true art to loving the real you. It is a delicate dance that needs to be practiced every day.  Just as we speak of nurturing the love we have for others, it is imperative that we nurture the love we have for ourselves.

My Challenge for you is to begin to open up to creating real self-love.  Reflect upon how great it would feel to focus on all that is right with you instead of picking apart the few things you would like to improve. This month I am offering a free 28 Day Program called The Art of Loving You to help women discover the empowering effect of true self-love.  It would be my honor to share this experience with you if you are ready to open up to your real value, your full worthiness and your undeniable awesomeness.  You can join in the journey at: The Art of Loving You!

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