Masterful Mindsets ~ Total Solar Eclipse

“Don’t be afraid of the shadows that hide the light. They can only eclipse it for such a short time!”  ~ Roxana Jones


Do you feel like you’re moving through life in the dark? Does the overpowering force of self-doubt, fear, failure or depression block your sunshine? Do you find yourself always in the shadows of someone else’s success? Is your own happiness overshadowed by worry, anxiety, pain or struggle? Are you ready to move into the light?

Action Challenge:

Today is a BIG day! If you don’t know what I’m talking about then odds are you live under a rock! 😉 Everyone is talking about the total solar eclipse happening today and rightfully so; this is the first time since 1979 that it will be fully visible in the continental US. I guess if you don’t live in the US, maybe it’s not that exciting to you. But for me, I’ve got to say that I’m super excited about the total solar eclipse!

So I can’t help but use the analogy of being in total darkness while the moon overshadows the sun as a metaphor of how your life might sometimes feel. Now before I get started here, let me just say that I actually LOVE the moon! (Just ask my family – I’ve been known to get up at 3am just to see a Blood Moon and I don’t hesitate to bear the cold for a Super Moon, especially the one from last November.) But for this metaphor, lets focus on the shadow and the darkness that will occur as the moon passes in front of the sun today…

As you make your way through each phase of life, there will be times when the sun is shining and times when the darkness will overshadow it. But you can rest assured that even though the shadow may hide the sunshine, the sun is still there and you will see its bright light and feel it’s warmth again. Remember that “this too shall pass” and trust that the darkness will move through, no matter what dark sadness or difficulty you may be experiencing. As long as you make sure you don’t focus on it for too long or without the proper tools, it will not harm you forever. You can learn from the experience and let the darkness move past you so that your light can shine again.

My challenge for you today is to observe the eclipse. (Be careful though, you cannot look directly at it without the *proper protective eyewear.) But observe it if you can and think about how just as quickly as the moon moves across the sun, first covering it in the shadows and then the sun coming back out and revealing its bright brilliant self, so too, can you do the same when the darkness comes into your life.

Remember that as long as you don’t focus on the darkness for too long or without the proper support, it will not harm you forever. After you’ve observed the eclipse, take a moment to be still, reflect and learn from the experience.  Let today’s eclipse renew your trust that the Universe is in perfect harmony and let it remind you that no matter how dark it gets; the sun will soon shine again.

*Don’t have the proper eyewear on hand? Check out this easy “How-To” and let it remind you that you can often easily create your own solution to see the light if you’re willing to make the effort.

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