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Ready to become your best true you?

If you're overworked, overwhelmed and over it, then now is the time to take off that superhero cape you've been hiding behind and instead, find your true heroic power!

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High-Performance Coaching™

No matter what your goals are... High-Performance Coaching can help you create the life you desire and achieve success on your terms.

Gain Clarity and Purpose

Reaching your next level of potential and success starts with clarity and purpose.  

Develop Confidence and Influence

Believe in your ability and role model the way for others with courageous bold actions.

Increase Energy and Productivity

Gain energy and increase productivity with proven methods. 

Create the Life You Desire

I believe that the things we experience in life are what help make us who we are, but they don't have to control who we are or who we become...

Your Success Mastery Starts Here!

"Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become." ~Jim Rohn

Private Coaching

One on one coaching that is tailored to you. Each week we spend one hour on the phone or Zoom together with me teaching you the same concepts that the world’s highest performers utilize to live their best lives. And we specifically apply those concepts to fit your life. In addition, you receive growth tools designed to help you take the concepts even farther, you get to keep the recording of our calls for your success library, and you have unlimited email access to me throughout each week. 

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Success Mastery Groups

If you're someone who enjoys interacting with others and you like the accountability that being a part of a group provides, this might be the option for you. The great news is, you'll actually learn the same high-performance concepts my private clients learn, you’ll have access to the replays of all group coaching calls and you’ll receive a growth sheet for each concept so you can take what you learn and apply it to your own life. You’ll also have time at the end of each call for Q & A. It’s a golden opportunity to experience the power of group coaching, learn high performance concepts and get all this valuable content to transform your life for a very nominal investment.

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Monthly Masterclasses

For less than most people spend to get their nails done and in about the same amount of time, you could be doing something to grow your mind, body and spirit into the best version of yourself. With your membership to my monthly masterclasses, you’ll have access to valuable trainings that are released each month along with templates, tools and other resources to help you learn and grow at your convenience. 

Master Your Life!

"Because of my need to people please, I always had trouble with managing stress and taking care of myself. With Michelle, I learned better techniques to manage my stress, keep my energy high, be more productive and reach my own goals all while taking care of myself. As a result, it's improved my life immensely."

Shannon T.
Mom of Four

"Working with CHPC Michelle Weimer has been a great experience. I have experienced other coaches, but she is a cut above. She has helped me to gain more mental clarity and freedom, to act courageously on what is within my control and to be more accepting of what is outside of my control. Michelle helps you dig deep, she probes and challenges in an encouraging way without being judgmental. She created a safe space to be vulnerable and to discover what holds me back and what moves me forward. She genuinely cares, cheers you on and helps you to succeed. If you want to become crystal clear on what matters most to you, get laser focused on those things, reach breakthroughs towards a happier, more fulfilled life, Michelle is the coach for you."

Reinhard Klett

"Michelle truly is an excellent coach. I am so very grateful for the time I got to work with her.😁💯 At the time she was coaching me, I had some big challenges on my plate and was really struggling in a number of ways. She was compassionate and kind, but still moved me forward. There was no wallowing in circumstances! She challenged me. I needed the challenge and the push - and the weekly accountability! It would have been easy to use my circumstances to stay stagnant if I was going it alone! And I'm not going to lie, it was hard to show up each week because of the season I was in! I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to achieve and do more whether you're in a place of comfort or struggle. We all need a push and accountability to be the best version of ourselves and to continue to move onward and upward in all of life's major arenas no matter the season! Michelle did this for me! 💗♥️💗 "

Pamela Sue

"It is so cool to have a coach like Michelle to mentor me. I have actually learned so much about myself through working with her. What a positive difference she has been in my life. I am a different person today because she was able to bring out in me things I never saw in myself before. She has an amazing gift of insight and by the end of our time together each week she always brings me to a place of knowing something about myself that I never realized before. This is an exhilarating experience. She also has guided me on the path of discovery of who I am and that it’s okay to be me. That I am enough just the way I am and I don’t have to be perfect or measure up to anyone. Mainly I was so busy doing “stuff”, that I was avoiding my own life purpose. I basically was stuck. This discovery has helped me feel like I’m so free to create my life the way I want it to be. She gave me the space and the unconditional acceptance to do that. She is brutally honest with me when she has to be and has helped me see things about myself that I would never have seen alone. I am forever grateful for our relationship."

Lorraine Duncan
Owner, Biz Gone Social

"Michelle knows just the right questions to ask at the right time. I love how she goes deeper and helps me dig to see things in a way that I never contemplated before. She’s very good at challenging in a way that motivates. I got things done between sessions that have been sitting, waiting for many years. One example is how my office went from being a dumping ground for books, papers, and more things than I want to name…to being uncluttered, peaceful, and well-decorated with my favorite items around me. With a clean environment, my mind feels much lighter and able to tune into guidance and focusing on the task at hand. One of my favorite things about Michelle’s style is how she weaves the ideas from all of the different concepts of high-performance habits together and applies previous ones to the new concepts. Doing that takes things to another level. She constantly reviews past material, which takes me deeper. She helps me see the whole forest, not just the trees. I can now see a new perspective, a much bigger and clearer one. It’s like pulling back and seeing a birds-eye view. It’s like taking off my colored glasses and seeing things clearly for the first time. She helped me step into a better version of myself. She is always nonjudgmental and caring while challenging, at the same time. It felt like she got inside of my head and could see what needed adjusting, then helped me do that easily. Working with Michelle has been transformational, exciting, and rewarding. Not only do I feel more at peace, but the colors around me seem more vibrant, and I wake up excited to greet the new day. One relationship that hurt me, emotionally, miraculously shifted for the better, after years of struggle. Once I changed, so did the relationship. I highly recommend Michelle for coaching! “The more sand that has passed through the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.” Jean Paul Why wait for years or decades to pass you by before you wake up to who you truly are and to your potential like I did? Having Michelle as my coach has made a HUGE difference! Michelle is the shortcut to laser through your struggles and blind spots in life quicker than you can on your own. It’s like having X-ray vision, which is a great superpower to have! Thank you so much Michelle. I appreciate your influence in my life over the past year. You helped me transform some major areas in my life!!!"

Susan Goldstein

"I love working with Michelle. She truly invests in me and cares about making me better. Her desire is to bring out the very best in me, and though we were already friends, she is willing to hold me accountable and come alongside me to pull growth from me. She is a very, intentional mentor and gives her best so I can reach my full potential and become physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy. I highly recommend you work with her so that you can become everything that God intends for you to be!"

Angela Boschen
Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay

"To all those visiting this website and reading this testimonial…you are here for a reason. Follow your heart and gut (as Michelle will tell you). God has brought you here for a reason! Michelle, and her coaching skills, is one of the best things to ever happen in my life. The direction, guidance, and “tools” that she is able to provide for you to navigate this journey we call life, is invaluable. Whether personal, professional or any combination thereof, Michelle will equip you with what you need to proceed in a successful fashion. I am forever grateful for Michelle’s guidance and compassion that she has shared with me in my personal and professional journey. Coaching is something EVERYONE can and should benefit from and Michelle is my one and only recommendation as a coach. Thank you….Michelle!"

Joetta White-Kelsen
Real Estate Agent, Re/Max of Pueblo

"Michelle is a great motivator! What I like the most about Michelle is her easy style while at the same time telling you ‘exactly’ how it is. I’ve been inspired by Michelle to step out of “my fear zone” and to take little baby steps, she can help you do the same. It’s been an honor to have been a Radio Co-host with Michelle on numerous occasions (and fun too!). Whatever road you are on…. Michelle can help you, just as much as she has helped me!"

Jody Maley

"Each session with Michelle moved me out of my past emotional struggles and toward the present where I strengthen and heighten my awareness of old habits like self-blame over situations that were out of my control. Thus in this environment, I was successful with the development and the completion of my masters thesis and the additional benefit of true self-awareness. Working with Michelle was truly a life-changing experience that I will take with me through this journey called life."

Diane L.

"Thanks to Michelle, I am able to identify what it is that I truly feel, and now possess the ability to be in complete control of my emotions. It is beyond empowering for me to be authentic with myself, and to be able to be vulnerable with others. The greatest impact, however, was being able to release emotions that were just a byproduct of my inability to appropriately determine my authentic feelings. I am finally free of the anger that never really existed…. I hope I accurately conveyed my gratitude and my desire to continue learning from you in the future. Thank you for giving me that gift! Thanks for being so awesome Michelle!!"

Kellie C.

"Wow! What a transformation I have made and continue to make in my life. Michelle has made a HUGE difference in my life and I am very grateful she is so skilled in her choice of profession. Her style is one of caring and intuitiveness. She brings very special skills to the coaching she does. I have learned about my fears, conquering many of them so far. I am doing things in my life that I never thought I could. So many doors I had closed so long ago have been re-opened for me. Michelle has and continues to be the best teacher I have ever had. I am so appreciative that my path lead me somehow to her. But as she has taught me, there are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason! I am so thrilled to be walking this journey together. I can’t wait to walk through the “new doors” in my life with Michelle’s guidance and support!"

Ilene Goldman

"I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have Michelle as my personal coach. Well, that is not true. What I really want to do is to tell you exactly what it means to me. When I hired her, I didn’t know what that would mean. I didn’t know how our relationship would develop and how nice it would feel to know that somebody is always in my corner. How she can hold space for me when I am out of sorts. How she can help me find my way when I am feeling lost… As I move forward, I am glad to be doing so with the assistance of my coach. Here is to a brighter tomorrow."

Richard Showers

"Michelle has helped me to recognize and change the things that keep me from living each day based upon my true values. I find that my days are less stressful and filled with more fulfillment and enjoyment now that I have made these changes"

Michelle D.

"Before we started working together, I felt very lost, alone and had no sense of direction. Because of your guidance and insight as a life coach, I am embarking on a major career change, changing the very course of my life! In addition to keeping me on track with my goals and dreams, it was also a relief to confide in someone who really understands the heartbreak of infertility. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have helped me with; you are a very skilled and caring individual. I will highly recommend your services to anyone I know."

M. Brown

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